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Youth Fired At Civic Volunteer In Vengeance

2016-07-01 10:36

Accused youth Minarul Sheikh


Thanarpara, July 1: A civic volunteer in Nadia’s Thanarpara was shot at today morning by a youth for protesting against alleged teasing and uploading of morphed picture of his cousin sister to a social networking site two yeas ago.

The civic volunteer, identified as Kowsarul Mandal (26), attached to the Thanarapara police station was fired at, in one of his neighbor’s house in Tukla village and admitted to Saktinagar district hospital in Krishnanagar with bullet injury. The bullet, which got stuck close to kidney, was removed during the afternoon following a marathon surgery by a team of doctors.

The police have been looking for the accused youth, identified as Minarul Sheikh (20), a packaged drinking water supplier, who during 2014 had allegedly accused of teasing the victim’s cousin sister and also uploading her picture to a web site.

The locals had then beaten up Minarul and later handed over to the police. The girl’s family had also lodged a police case against him. He, however, later granted bail.

Locals said that the Friday’s attack was occurred in a retaliation bid by the accused Minarul.

Police has started a fresh case on the basis of a complaint lodged by victim’s mother.

According to investigating officials, the Friday’s attack on the civic volunteer is in retaliation of the

According to police sources the incident occurred at about 9.30 this morning when civic volunteer Kowsarul was preparing to play carom with his friends at neighbor Ismail Sheikh’s house.

Mokadder Sheikh, one of Kausar’s friends said: “We were preparing the board when we watched Minarul entering. However, he stopped at the door and suddenly fired at Kausar from an impoverished gun. The bullet hit his abdomen. As he fell on the ground, I saw Minarul loading bullet again, but this time I raised an alarm and jumped towards him. The bullet fell on the ground and Minarul fled. We then called neighbors and took Kausar to Tehatta sub divisional hospital”.

House-owner Ismail Sheikh, a farmer by profession said: “I suddenly heard a small blasting sound and saw Minarul was running fast with a gun in his hand”.

Local Trinamul leader Motirul Sheikh said: “Two years ago Minarul became desperate to woo Kausar’s cousin sister (Pinki) who was then a student of class ten. Minarul often made obscene gesture to the girl. Kausar on many occasions tried dissuading him, but he uploaded morphed picture to web site. Minarul was beaten up and handed over to the police. After he got bail he started working as a supply agent of a packaged drinking water. Meanwhile, the girl was also got married. All these probably made led Minarul to retaliate”

On Friday Minarul first went to Kausar’s house, but heart that he went to Ismail Sheikh’s house to play carom. He then walked into Ismail’s house and fired at Kausar using a ‘one shotter’, an impoverished gun.

An investigating officer said: “A case of attempt to murder has been started against the accused. We have recovered a bullet from the spot. We are hopeful to arrest the accused soon”.


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