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Youth Died In Sunstroke During BSF's Physical Fitness Test

2015-06-03 17:50



Kalyani, June 3: A 19-year-old youth died after he collapsed during a 5-km run as part of a physical fitness test for recruitment of constables by Border Security Force at its Kalyani on Wednesday morning. 

Debabrata Ghosh, a resident of Bathangachi village of Kaliganj in Nadia, had collapsed while undertaking the mandatory sprint test inside the campus under the scorching sun.

The victim passed this year’s higher secondary examination.

The job aspirants were given a stipulated time of 24 minutes to complete the 5-km distance by running through the pucca roads around inside the BSF’s Kalyani campus under the sun located near Jagulia on NH34.

The victim had collapsed at the half of the way mark.

Victim’s friends and other job aspirants who appeared in the same fitness test have alleged that there was no doctor of the BSF at the venue to attend him.

Sarajit Ghosh, a friend of deceased said: “There was no doctor at all. Usually before such physical test, some basic medical check ups are done to check the condition of the job aspirants. But nothing such was done. An ambulance just picked up Debabrata and rushed to the JNM Medical college hospital in Kalyani, around 13-km away, but he died on the way”.

The doctors at the hospital declared him as brought dead. 

BSF officials in Kalyani ruled out any negligence on their part.

The deceased youth, son of a farmer, came to Kalyani on Tuesday night to appear in the recruitment test along with nine other friends of his locality.

420 youths were called for the physical fitness examination at the Kalyani campus by the BSF’s south Bengal frontier authority.
A doctor who visited the deceased youth at the hospital said: “It appears that the youth had suffered sunstroke, as he fell ill during a strenuous physical test. The exact reason could only be confirmed in the autopsy test”.

According to a doctor of the hospital: "it appears that the youth suffered a severe sunstroke. Even during morning the temperature was quite high and atmosphere was humid, so a sunstroke is quite natural. The sunstroke occurs due to exposure to heat under scorching sun. In such situations body looses its ability to cool itself. The body temperature also increases and the body cannot sweat anymore. Such stroke an also occur due to dehydration. A cramp in muscle and in heart vulve are common symptoms in such sunstroke”

“However, a pre existing cardiological problem can not be ruled out”, the doctor added further.

The Haringhata police has started a case of unnatural death into the matter. “The reason behind the death is being investigated”, an investigating officer of Haringhata police said.

Gopal Ghosh, father of the victim and farmer by profession, said: “I will hear everything from the accompanying friends of my son. If I understand that there was negligence on the part of the BSF authorities, I will lodge a complaint against them”.
According to BSF sources, the job aspirants were asked to report at the campus at 7.30 in the morning.

Noton Biswas, a candidate from Kaliganj said: “After the eligibility height test was done at about 8.30 am, we are taken at a distance of 5-km on a car where we are asked to start and reach the starting point with 24 minutes”.

“There were ten in our group including Debabrata, but since the beginning he was trailing. Most of us moved first leaving him in behind, later I heard a BSF officer informing that Debabrata had collapsed. Some of our friends who also heard it rushed to the spot and seen that an ambulance taking him to hospital. The BSF officers told us to go to hospital. We told them to arrange a car for us, but they refused. We had to hire a car and rushed to the hospital in Kalyani and heard that Debabrata has already died”, said Noton Biswas.

Victim’s father Gopal Ghosh said: “My son had no physical problem. He was fit and had also appeared in similar test. I think the lack of proper care while conducting the recruitment test under the hot is responsible for the death”.

Victim’s friend Sarajit said: “We all came on last night, taken rest at a rented house. Debabrata was quite fit. We all practiced the 5-km sprint together at our village ground and he never fell ill.

The BSF officials in Kalyani, however, refuted the allegations of the job aspirants.

An officer said: “It was an extremely hot and humid atmosphere. So considering the situation, we have all emergent medical arrangement and water. After running some distance, the boy collapsed. Our officers found him gasping. A doctor initially examined him and sent him to hospital as his condition was bad. But, on the way he died. We organized the test as per the guidelines of the higher authorities and done no negligence”

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