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Youth Arrested For Setting 'Pre-Conditions' Before Marriage

2015-02-28 21:22

Bridegroom Sanatan Sharma at the police station. Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH


Hanshkhali (Nadia), Feb. 28: A bridegroom was arrested by police from a marriage venue in a Nadia village after he set fourteen “pre-conditions” in the form of an affidavit on a non judicial stamp paper demanding to be signed by the bride’s father.

The bridegroom identified as Sanatan Sharma, 25, a resident of Satyanagar in Krishnaganj, had  demanded that in case of any conjugal violence, his wife should neither lodge any complaint to police nor should appeal before court for justice. There are 12 others stunning ‘precondition’.

Sanatan, who taken Rupees twenty five thousand as ‘dowry’, eventually refused to marry unless the bride and her father signed the affidavit agreeing to the precondition.

Hearing about the “preconditions’, the bride also refused to marry Sanatan and advised her father to call police.

The incident angered the relatives of the bride in Gazna-Madhyapara village in Hanshkhali, who detained the bridegroom and his friends throughout the night demanding refund of ‘dowry’ amount and compensation.

Police, however, arrived at the spot in the morning and arrested the youth.

SDPO Ranaghat Indrajit Bose said: “We have rescued the youth and arrested him on the basis of complaint lodged by the bride's family”.

According to sources Biswanath Pramanik, a mason by profession in Gazna negotiated her daughter’s (Puja) marriage with Sanatan who works as a broker.

On Friday night a little before the marriage was set to be solemnized, Sanatan surprised all at the venue by placing his 14-point ‘preconditions’.

“I am a poor mason and arranged my daughter’s marriage spending about Rupees 1.5 lakh with Sanatan. On last night before the marriage Sanatan gave me a stamp paper of a value of Rupees ten containing the preconditions typed clearly in Bengali. I read the conditions and appraised other family members about it. All become angry. My daughter also heard about it and refused to marry. I tried to convince Sanatan to withdraw the demand, but he reiterated that unless we agree to his conditions, he would not marry. The marriage was eventually postponed. I was quite embarrassed as many invited guests also returned. I informed the local panchayat member about the incident. The locals become angry and detained the bridegroom and his friends demanding compensation”, bride’s father Biswanath said.

Sanatan said: “I set some conditions for a peaceful conjugal like as per the advice of a lawyer friend because I understood that the bride was not mature enough about things of life. I wanted to get an affidavit from the bride’s father for my future protection”.

Lawyer Tanmoy Biswas who allegedly prepared the draft of the preconditions refused to speak.

Local panchayat member Bikash Biswas, who tried to convince Sanatan to withdraw the preconditions, said: “The demands were unlawful and cannot be accepted”.

A lawyer said: “Such affidavit has no locus standi in the eye of law. If the youth even after getting such an affidavit is accused for conjugal violence, he would face action as per law”.

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