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Young Couple Found Hanging From Tree

2015-07-20 19:05

The couple hanging from a tree


Ranaghat, July 20: A young couple was found hanging from two ends of a dupatta that flung across the branch of a tree, in death very close during the early hours of Monday morning in Nadia’s Dhantala.

The police suspect that that Arghya Saha, 22 of Panikhali in Dhantala and Preeti Chakraborty, 21, of Chakdaha Salua, 18, were in love but made a suicide pact because the boy’s father did not accept their affair.

Arghya was a BA second year student at Bagula Sree Krishna College, while the girl was a first year BA general course student at the Chakdaha College.

The affair bloomed two years ago when the girl used to visit her maternal uncle’s house in Sibtala, a neighboring village to Panikhali, where the boy stayed.

However, it was Arghya’s father Dilipa Saha, who first raised objection to the affair.

Saha, who runs a soft drink stall in Panikhali made it clear that he would not accept if the couple want to get married. In last month, he also turn down a marriage proposal for his son Arghya made by Preeti’s maternal uncle.

“After that we settled Preeti’s marriage with a youth from Krishnanagar which was scheduled for July 31”, girl’s maternal uncle Sukumar Sil said.

Arghya’s father Dilip Saha, however, refuted the allegation. “Initially I was against their affair. However, when learnt that the girl made suicide attempt after my refusal, I given my nod. However, none from the girl’s family made any fresh marriage proposal for my son”, he said.

On Sunday evening Preeti came to Sibtala when Arghya met her. The couple went missing at around 9 in the night.

On Monday morning, they were found hanging from a tree in Jugolkishore village with a dupatta.

Police said, a pair of slippers was found stacked nearby.

An officer of Dhantala police said, “The young couple had been in love for about two years, but the boy’s parents were unyielding in their opposition to them marrying. The girl’s father, therefore settled her marriage with another youth which was scheduled to be held later this month. This made the couple lost in despair and compelled them to opt for such tragic end”.

“We are prima facie treating the death of the couple as a case of suicide. There was no other injury marks on the body of the couple. The bodies were sent for post-mortem”, a police officer said.

“We have started a case of unnatural death. There has been no complaint so far in connection with the death. Nevertheless, all the aspects are being looked into to find out the exact causes behind the death of the couple”, the officer added.

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