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Why TI Parade Delayed? Court Asked CID Team Probing Ranaghat Convent Attack

2015-04-09 16:20


courtRanaghat, April 9: The additional chief judicial magistrate of Ranaghat made the CID sleuths embarrassed on Thursday when she raised question for its failure to conduct the ‘test identification parade’ of Mohammed Salim Seikh, one of the accused in the Ranaghat attack during the 14 days of police custody.

ACJM Papiya Das was sought explanation from the assistant public prosecutor Pradip Pramanik, when he submitted a prayer before her to allow conducting the TI parade after producing Mohammed Salim Sheikh in her court on completion of his 14 days police custody.

Basudev Mukhopadhaya, a senior lawyer who come up defending the accused on behalf of legal aid service, also raised question for the delay.

Substantiating his prayer APP Pradip Pramanik submitted that the delay was for sake of investigation as the sleuths were busy in nabbing the gang behind the crime who links with international rackets.

After a debate of over 40 minutes, ACJM Papiya Das granted the prayer for the test identification parade and also ordered jail custody for the accused for 14 days. The judge ordered that the TI parade should be conducted immediately. The ACJM has directed a magistrate to conduct the TI parade.

The prolonged debate had also made accused Mohammed Salim curious about the outcome, who removed the cover from his face to have a look of the packed court room. The CID officer later put the cover again on the fact of curious Salim, who donned a pink shirt and a red jeans.

On March 26 in a major breakthrough to the Ranaghat convent attack case, the CID sleuths arrested Mohammed Salim Sheikh (44) from Mumbai’s Mahila Milan Jhopar Patty under Nagpada police station in South Mumbai during an early morning raid with the help of Mumbai police. The sleuths claimed that Salim has facial resemblance with one of the accused persons whose images found in the CCTV. Salim flown to Calcutta later on the same day and produced before the ACJM court in Ranaghat, when he was ordered police custody for 14 days.

On Thursday when Salim again produced before the court, the APP appealed for TI parade. But, the appeal failed to convince the ACJM Papiya Das.

The judge told APP Pradip Pramanik: “Earlier you prayed for 14 days of police custody. The test identification parade should have been done within this time. But, now after expiry of the police custody you are praying for the test identification parade. The law says that the TI parade should be done fast after arrest, but why do you want it to conduct so late. Do you think the prayer is eligible under the law?”

In his reply to APP Pradip Pramanik said: “Ideally the test identification parade should be done immediately after arrest. However, the perspective of this case was different. The sleuths were at the very primary stage of investigation. They have arrested one of the suspects, but identified some members of the gang who fled to different parts of the country and even abroad. So for the sleuths, the immediate task was to nab the gang members who have international links. For this job, the sleuths needed to take the accused to several places for investigation and to raid the hide outs of the miscreants. For this job 14 days of police custody was not enough, but the sleuths had to do it. Eventually for this compulsion of investigation, the test identification parade could not be conducted”.

Advocate Basudev Mukhopadhaya, who defended the accused alleged: “During the police custody, the sleuths have reconstructed the crime scene, taking the accused to the spot. His photographs were also snapped. The victim nuns were also present during the reconstruction of crime. So in other term, the sleuths have done his identification taking the accused to the spot and by taking his photographs. So, the demand for TI parade has no logic and should not be granted”.

The APP, however, denied allegations. “The accused has not at all taken to the spot of crime and the crime scene has neither been reconstructed nor was his photograph taken. Police protected his identity.

“Moreover, a TI parade is not substantive part of evidence, until it substantiated before a court. The delay, however, will not hamper the investigation. Rather it will help the sleuths to find out the truth behind the crime”, added Pramanik.

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