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Unusually Low Weight Baby Born Under Kalyani Based Gynecologist

2016-07-02 05:56

The low weighted new born

Asha Sinha with her low weight new born

Asha Sinha, 29, a home maker from Kankinara delivered twins that include a girl child weighing only 570 grams, which is abnormally low and quite unusual.

Gynecologist Jayanta Chatterjee delivered the twin, after he found that blood flow to the smaller baby had deteriorated to such an extent that it was on the verge of death. The other baby delivered weighing only 1170 gram.

The expecting mother, with multiple pregnancy, who was under care of Chatterjee at its Kalyani based clinic ‘Astha’delivered the babies last night at a private hospital (RSV Hospital) in Calcutta, where she was shifted in last week following a complication.

Dr. Chatterjee said: “A new born with such light weight is quite. A baby generally gains around 600 gram weight during the six month in mother’s womb. But, this baby has a very poor growth. Nevertheless, the most amazing fact is that the girl appears to be normal with no apparent abnormality detected despite such low weight. She has been kept with utmost care and doing well”.

According to sources in ‘Astha’, Asha came for difficulty in conceiving during last year.

“I began treatment providing her ovulation inducing drugs, one of the complications of which is multiple pregnancies. In USG it was found that she had five gestational sacs. After a convention fetal reduction at 14 weeks, she was left with the twins only. Subsequently it was found that one of the twins was not growing. However, tests had shown that the baby had no chromosomal or structural defects. The poor growth was due to placental insufficiency. In other terms, the placenta was not supplying the baby with enough nutrients. I continued the antenatal checkup and surveillance along with ultrasound monitoring at my every visit. Nevertheless, the baby refused to grow and the difference in size and weight between the babies widened. At 35 weeks, I found that the blood flow of the smaller baby had deteriorated to such an extent that it was on the verge of dying. So the twin was delivered yesterday to save the life of the mother and her babies”

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