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Trinamul's Nabadweep MLA's Bijoya Gesture For Elderly Destitutes

2015-10-23 23:50

Trinamul MLA Nanda Saha with an elderly destitute in Nabadweep. Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH


Nabadweep, Oct. 23: Trinamul Congress MLA from Nadia’s Nabadweep Pundarikakshya Saha on Friday paid his ‘Bijoya’ tribute to around 600 destitute elderly widows by touching their feet and giving them new saree and sweets.

Saha, a resident of Boralghat in Nabadweep on Friday morning arrived at the ‘Bhajan Ashram”, a Vaishnab math in the town in Poraghat area after a bath and handed over saree, a pair of hawai chappals and a plate of sweet delicacies to each of 600 widows and offered them his “Pranam” as his ‘Bijoy’ gesture.

The sweet dish include seven delicacies of most popular choices in the town.

For the last 30 years, Saha, who is known in the town for his philanthropic gestures, has been paying his Bijoy tribute in this way. “I offer my Pranam to my parents in this way who left me long ago. There is no hidden political agenda behind this gesture. I have been doing this much before I joined Trinamul Congress”, said Pundarikakshya Saha, who is popular by his nick name ‘Nanda”.

Insiders in Trinamul Congress said when party leaders have made it a practice to earn reputation by handing over sponsored aids to poor and destitute with a political objective, Pundarikakshya’s gesture is quite different.

“He has been doing it since late 80s, when he was a clerk at the Nadia district magistrate’s office in Krishnanagar. Since then on the next day of Dashami, he visits the Bhajna Ashram, where every morning around 600 destitute widows gather to sing keertan for a handful of rice as their means, to touch their feet in deep respect. After offering his pranam, he gives them Saree, sweets, chappals and a small amount of cash towards their fare. He does all these things selflessly by own income and never allowed any one to sponsor the gesture despite requests”, said a senior Trinamul leader in Krishnanagar.

Saha said: “since childhood I have been seeing elderly widow, many of whom have no one to take care or abandoned by their sons or relatives gather every morning at the Bhajan Ashram. They come there to sing keertan there. In return they get food from the Ashram. I used to think that if I could bring happiness to their face. My mother advised me to do something for such destitute. So I started helping them since I got a Government job during 80s. Later I started this programme at the Bhajan Ashram on Bijoya Dashami as my tribute to these women. I am thankful to the Ashram authority who always have extended their cooperation to me”, Saha said.

Party activists in Nabadweep claimed that Saha often exhausts his stipend in his philanthropic gesture and not saves money for himself.

Radharani Devi, 76, a destitute woman said: “The MLA has a gem of a heart who always extends his support to us. I always try to present at the Ashram on this day. I am very happy today after receiving the Saree, chappal and the sweet dish”.

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