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Trinamul Won Gayeshpur Uncontested, Accused Of Unleashing Terror

2015-03-28 14:55

Left front leaders announcing withdrawal of candidates from Gayeshpur contest. Picture by PALASH SARKAR


Kalyani, March 28: Trinamul Congress literally won the Gayeshpur Municipality in Nadia ‘uncontested’ on Saturday after BJP, Left Front, Congress and Independent candidates had withdrawn their nomination from 17 seats out of 18 accusing the Trinamul Congress of unleashing a reign of terror in the area.

People in Gayeshpur will be able to witness poll only in Ward-14 on April 25 where a rebel Trinamul candidate has remained in the fray.

Sub divisional officer of Kalyani Swapan Kundu said: “As per the election manual I have declared 17 Trinamul Congress candidates winners as there was no candidates against them in the fray. The winning certificates will, however, be issued later”.

The SDO Kalyani, however, found no “visible reason” behind withdrawal of candidatures by the three major political parties.

Trinamul’s Gayeshpur town committee secretary Maran De refuting the allegation said: “The result was quite expected as CPI (M), BJP and Congress lost their support base and also found it tough to put candidates in the fray. They did not raise such hue and cry a month ago when the Lok sabha by election was held, but faced the reality now”.

The Gayeshpur is a predominant left bastion. In the last civic poll, the Left Front won the civic body by winning all the 18 seats in the town located at the outskirt of Kalyani.

However, surprisingly the LF could only submit nominations in 14 seats, while BJP in 17 and congress in 12.

On Saturday, which was the last day of withdrawal of nomination, candidates of BJP, CPI (M) and Congress individually appeared before the Sub divisional officer of Kalyani and withdrawn their nominations.

The three parties later formally announced their decision. BJP and CPI (M) announced withdrawal of nomination in a media conference later in the afternoon.

CPI (M) Nadia district secretary Sumit De said: “The Trinamul activists in the Gayeshpur town have unleashed a reign of terror. They have been intimidating our candidates, threatening family members at gun point and even not sparing kids and their elderly parents. The situation has become horrible. Our candidates tried their best to remain in the fray apprehending threats, but it was quite unimaginable that situation could turn so fearful. If the Trinamul activists become so much violent at this initial stage of the election process, we have no doubt that they would make the election a farce later. So we found it better to withdraw than to be part of the drama”.

“We have lodged complaints to Kalyani police on a number of occasions. But, police did not take any action. Even on Friday night, we submitted deputation at Kalyani police station, when senior police officers assured to take action and to provide protection to our candidates, but on Saturday morning bombs were hurled at the house of two of our candidates”, said former CPI (M) MP and party’s Nadia district committee member Alokesh Das.

The same allegations echoed by BJP state committee secretary Dipa Biswas, who is a resident of Gayeshpur.

“The Trinamul goons humiliated the democracy here in Gayeshpur. The men in the administration here have become voiceless puppets. They are afraid to take action against the Trinamul activists, who have unleashed reign of terror in this small town. If Mamata Banerjee and her government are so popular, why her men are so much afraid to face election here?”

Nadia district Congress President Ashim Saha said: “The Trinamul Congress has made a mockery of the democracy in Gayeshpur. We became afraid of the security of our candidates in wake of repeated threats and intimidations of Trinamul goons, so we decided to withdraw from the contest”.

SDO Kalayni Swapan Kundu said: “I don’t know what actually led other political parties to withdraw their candidates. I have heard they have alleged about threats and deteriorating law and order situation in Gayeshpur. However, no one from any of these political parties has so far made any written complaint to me. I also talked to the SDPO Kalyani who also said that he also received no complaint. Nevertheless, I have sought a report on law and order situation in the town, which will be sent to the government”.

Gayeshpur civic area, which is part of the Kalyani assembly segment, has 44593 voters in 18 wards.

Despite being left bastion with the LF was in control of the civic body, the CPI (M) lost in this town in 2011 assembly poll by 17915 votes.

In the last month’s by election to Bangaon lok sabha seat, Trinamul was ahead of the LF in 14 wards by an overall leading margin of 3802 votes.

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