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Trinamul MP Tapas Paul Apologizes On Facebook

2015-01-23 11:36


Krishnanagar, Jan. 21: Within four days since joining Facebook, Trinamul Congress MP Tapas Paul apologized for his ‘wrongs’.

Paul did not categorically mentioned as why he is being apologized, but his posting apparently indicates that he is repentant for his alleged ‘rape and kill’ speech that he made in Nadia’s Choumaha in last year.

Paul, who joined facebook on January 15, has written in his posting: “.... Aaj ami jekhhane tomader onek obodaan ... Amr bhalo tomader, amr mondo tomader bhalo diye dheke amay Khoma koro ... Tomader ayto bhalobasha o Suvechha amay notun kore cholte sahajyo korche, thank U & much gratitude”

Paul posted this message on January 19 with a smiley – ‘feeling blessed’.

Paul refused to tell who or what inspired him to be aplogized after seven months of the Choumaha speech. It is also not clear whether the recent gesture of Chief minister Mamata Banerjee seeking apology in a programme in North Bengal inspired him to do so.

Till Wednesday afternoon (3.15 PM) 372 persons have liked the posting and 75 persons have written comments on it.

On January 5, Paul after arriving in Krishnanagar after a gap of six months since his speech in Choumaha, had also apologized before media persons.

“Ami sakaler kachey khama-prarthi”, Paul said in categorical term on that day.

On June 14, Paul in a public meeting in Choumaha village near Bethuadahari had threatened to kill the opposition party supporters and to get their women raped. He told this after some Trinamul supporters were allegedly beaten up by CPI (M) activists. He allegedly said: ‘…Ami prochur mastani korechi, ami kaukey chere debo na,amader cheleder dhukiye debo, rape korey choley jabey. Tapas Pal nijey revolber bar korey gooli korey choley jabey. Sahas Thakley Tapas Pal-ke atkey dekhuk”.

However, the Nadia district Trinamul Leadership, does not find any need in Paul’s seeking apology.

District Trinamul Congress president Gourisankar Dutta said: “Party is not at all embarrassed about Tapas Paul. He may be personally embarrassed and think that he has committed mistakes and therefore apologized for it. I never felt any moral obligation to advise him to seek public apology in any form”.

Nevertheless, Tapas Paul feels that his decision to seek apology is right and he has done it as a ‘human being’, not as a politician.

“I realized that the people did not accept my comments. It was definitely a mistake on my part. I would have apologized much earlier unless fell critically ill. The illness robbed around four months which caused the delay. I was also personally shocked to realize that how I delivered those words. I am not that kind of persons who could talk in such way. I am an artiste and a human being who made the mistake.  I joined facebook to reach the people, who love my acting and to convey my feeling to them. In the last few months many persons told many negative things about me. I have taken all to my stride. Nevertheless, I want to tell them all that I am not that kind of person”.

“Ami bujhechi je bhul kaaj korle, manush bolbei, tai aar bhul kortey chai na, notun korey suru kortey chai”, he told over Telephone.

On being asked whether he would like to apologise in the parliament as well as in Choumaha, where he delivered his alleged comments, Paul said: “I will not mind unless the matter was subjudice”.

“I hope I will be able to convey my message to people. I will also join other social networking sites like twitter to reach more people”, Paul said.

Paul is overwhelmed about the response he has so far received. While many persons have came in support of him, there are many who have advised him to keep his head ‘cool’ and to return to acting as be looks better before camera.

Prabir De who is Paul’s friends’ list commented on his post: “Apnakey request matha thanda rakhun”.

John Gilbert, who is also in the friends’ list commented: “Please go back to acting. You are born artiste. Politics is not for you. You are much better before a camera rather than a crowd of fanatics”.

Sanju Mullick said: ‘Vul manush I kore, purono k vule notun k niye egiye cholo’

Paul has read all the comments, liked it, but decided to go by it only.

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