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Trinamul MLA Abani Hits Out Against Leadership, Accuses Gouri Of Corruption

2015-11-07 23:33

Trinamul MLA Abani Joardar with minister Ujjwal Biswas at the get-together Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH


Krishnanagar, Nov. 7: Trinamul Congress MLA Abani Mohan Joardar from Krishnanagar (North) assembly seat on Saturday hit out against a section of party’s top leadership in the district accusing it of nepotism and corruption exploiting their position in the party.

The former IPS officer who was also deputy commissioner of police lost his cool while delivering his speech at a ‘Vijoya’ get together organized by eleven party affiliated trade unions and association in Krishnanagar and accused party’s Nadia district president Gourisankar Dutta for making the party isolated from the people by nepotism exploiting his position.

Joardar, however, did not take ‘Gourisankar Dutta’s name.  But vivid references made it clear that Dutta is his target.

In his speech Joardar said: “Dal ei jelai kon pathey cholchey? Doler karta ahangkar korey, nijer poder apobyabohar korey ashepasehr o nijeder lokder uporey tulchey. Evabey cholley dal ta thakbey kin a apnara vebe dekhben”.

Expressing his anger over nepotism, Joardar alleged: “Aaj majhey majhey sudhu sabha deke key kakey kato beshi korey pith chulkabey, gaye pithey haat bulabey sudhu sei kaaj e hochchey”.

“Amar kono uchchasha nei, kintu satti katha bolar jannyo ami driro-protiggyo”,Joardar further added claiming that he has no high ambition in politics.

The internal bickering inside the party became clear on Saturday, particularly before the ensuing visit of chief minister Mamata Banerjee slated for November 23 in Tehatta, as today’s get together organized within two days since the party district committee organized a central get together on the occasion of Vijoya on Thursday in Ranaghat where all elected representatives and major functionaries were present along with education minister Partha Chatterjee.

The party in Nadia has divided into two factions which are respectively led by present president Gourisankar Dutta and technical education minister Ujjwal Biswas, who represent Krishnanagar (East) assembly seat.

Today’s programme was organized by close aides of Biswas, where no MLA other than Biswas himself and Joardar were present.

Joardar, even though ruled out any division in the party, but felt that a major section who have invaluable contribution to the party being “isolated” deliberately by a section of the leadership.

Expressing his anger over the Thursday’s get together, where he was also present said: “Sheeter dupurey ekta hanuman jemon arekta hanumaner pith chulkey dya, sediner sabhar drishyota serokom chilo. Sediner sabhar jinni madhyo moni chilen, sei mananiyo siksha montri – tini ei byaparaey satarko korey dileo, jinni ei sob korben boley driro protiggyo, tini seta korlen”.

On Thursday, the education minister Partha Chatterjee also expre

Later speaking to The Telegraph, Joardar said: “I just wanted to mean only eulogizing self will isolate common people from the party. As party leaders we have big role to encourage party activists and supporters, which is apparently missing”.

“I have no prejudice against anybody, but I say what I feel. I am a politician, but have a major difference than others”, Joardar added.

In an obvious reference to party’s Nadia president Gourisankar Dutta, he said: “arekta tafat holo ei je amakey rajnititey uni anen ni, ekhaney jakhan pratham ashi Ujjwalda ashray diyechilo aar amakey anar jannyo gari pathiyechilen swayang Mamata Bandopadhaya”.

Joardar also vented his anger about functioning of Nadia zilla Sabhadhipati Bani Kumar Roy. Joardar raised question about the mysterious theft of a costly ‘Sandal Tree” from the Nadia zilla parishad premise in Krishnanagar and presence of armed miscreants there on regular basis.

Trinamul’s Nadia president Gourisankar Dutta said: “I don’t know what the MLA has tried to mean exactly in his statement. He has not made any specific reference to any incident or case. I do not feel that the party has become isolated from the people. Since I took up charge as the district president, the party has won three by poll including of a parliamentary seat and in all the polls we have surpassed the previous margins. At the administrative part, the district has also fared well and earned top ranks at various categories. So I do not feel any necessity to offer any explanation to what the MLA has said”. 

"Aar durnitir byapar amar jana nei, uni police officer chilen uni esob bhalo bojhen, tai prayojoney tini tadonto korey dekhtey paren", Dutta further added.

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