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Trinamul Councillor Accused Of Attacking Maukul Aide BJP Leader's Home

2015-06-20 23:01

BJP activist actor Devika Mukherjee comforts the elderly woman. Picture by SOVAN CHAUDHURI


Kalyani, June 20: An elderly woman from Kalyani has accused a Trinamul councilor of Kalyani Municipality for ransacking her home and forcing her son to flee home since he left Trinamul Congress and joined BJP to fight the local civic poll.

Sajal De, fleeing son of the elderly woman is a close aide of Mukul Roy and his son Subhranshu, who house is located at Rathtalala area on the outskirt of Kanchrapara.

Sajal was also former president of Kalyani unit of Trinamul Yuva.

Sajal’s mother Anjali De (65) has lodged a complaint against Trinamul councilor from Ward-20 Subrata Chakraborty for allegedly leading a gang of miscreants on June 15 night for ransacking her house.

The Kalyani police, however, yet to arrest the councilor despite the elderly woman, who stays with her 16 year old grand-daughter, lodged specific complaints and submitted CCTV footage of the attack, which contained image of the councilor.

On Saturday a BJP state committee team led by vice president Pratap Banejree, Jayprakash Majumder and actor Devika Mukherjee met the elderly woman at her house and demonstrated at the Kalyani police station demanding arrest of the accused councilor and to ensure safe return of the party activists.

Anjali said: “The local Trinamul councilor has become jealous of my sons popularity in the locality and also for his proximity to Mukul Roy. He also raised voice against various unlawful activities of the local leadership, for which he earned the wrath of the leadership. In last year, the miscreants tried to kill him by hurling bomb when he went to a market. He compelled to leave the party and later joined BJP hoping that it will change the situation. But, since joining the BJP the local councilor and his gang unleashed terror. So far they have attacked my house thrice as they have vowed to kill my son. As a result my son had to flee home on March 28 and so far could not return”.

State vice president Pratap Banerjee said: “He was nominated as a candidate for the civic poll by the party. But as he forced to go flee, he could not campaign. The Trinamul goons did not even allow free poll in the ward and he was defeated by nearly 3000 votes”.

“Now under the pressure of the ruling party, police has implicated him in a number of cases of arson, possession of arms and others. The Trinamul leaders have been openly threatening that he would killed once return home. Meanwhile, her mother has been passing the days in starvation as he was the only earning member of the family”, Banejree said.

“We today wanted to meet the head of Kalyani police, but he avoided us. We met the second officer of the police station, who took our deputation. We have categorically said that if the police do not take any action against the councilor the situation would worsen in Kalyani”, he added.

Meanwhile, the accused councilor Subrata Chakraborty refuted the allegation. He said: “I never led any attack. It was the local people who were against Sajal for his anti social activities. A number of cases are also pending at the Kalyani police station. The BJP and Sajal’s family have been playing a drama to earn sympathy. I have no problem if he returns home”.

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