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Trinamul Activists Heckled MLA Ramendra Nath Biswas, Blocked Minister Partha's Convoy

2015-08-04 23:50

Angry Trinamul supporters in argument with MLA Ramendra Nath Biswas Picture by DEBASISH MUKHERJEE

Partha Chatterjee


Chakdaha, Aug. 4: Trinamul Congress MLA from Nadia’s Kalyani professor Ramendra Nath Biswas was allegedly manhandled by a section of party supporters for his alleged absence and inaction to help the flood victims in his constituency.

The incident that occurred on Tuesday morning in flood affected Dakshin Chandamari village in Chakdaha had embarrassed state education minister Partha Chatterjee as the furious party supporters who fell victim to the flood situation, blocked his convoy for over twenty minutes minister Partha Chatterjee as the furious party supporters who fell victim to the flood situation, blocked his convoy for over twenty minutes minister Partha Chatterjee as the furious party supporters who fell victim to the flood situation, blocked his convoy for over twenty minutes expressing their grievances against Biswas, when he came to monitor relief work in the area.

Biswas was shoved off and pushed back by the supporters once he disembarked from his car and started approaching towards the minister’s car to check why people blocked the convoy. Seeing Biswas in the area, some Trinamul workers started shoving at him. “Apni etodin asen Ni keno, jababdihi kortey hobey, aaj montri jonnyo esechen? apni choley jaan”, the angry party workers were shouting. Biswas was about to fell on the ground when his security guard saved him and put inside the vehicle.

While Biswas was rescued by police, the embarrassed minister had to face the volley of words of the flood victim party supporters until the officials of the district administration could make his.

In last week too Biswas suffered a similar embarrassment when he went to oversee an eroded embankment of Ganga in Sannyalchar-Malopara of Chakdaha. The angry locals did not allow his boat to anchor on the bank and Biswas had to leave without been able to step into the land.

At around 11 am on Tuesday when minister Partha Chatterjee was approaching towards Chakdaha town, around two hundred Trinamul Congress supporters stopped his convoy at Dakshin Chandamari village market. The party workers organized a community kitchen there where khicuri was being cooked to distribute among the flood victims.

Blocking the way of the education minister, the party workers categorically alleged that local MLA Ramendra Nath Biswas had never visited the area since he won the 2011 assembly poll.

Blaming the MLA, Alauddin Mandal, a party supporter told the minister: “We have been working for the party since its birth. We toiled lot to make Ramenbabu our MLA. But, since winning the election he never bothered to pay a visit in our areas. Even in such time of distress, he could never make time to see us. Today he has came only because you came here as he wants to show it to you and the leadership”.

Kartick Biswas, another party supporter said: “For the last few days, the local party workers have been toiling hard to help the flood victims who took shelter in local schools. We have been giving them cooked food. The MLA never came here to see the condition of the flood victim and to check about their requirements.  He did not bother to send some tarpaulin even. We do not want such a leader anymore who has no sympathy for the people who elected him”.

Partha Chatterjee with much patience had given them a patient hearing and assured of doing the ‘needful’.

Speaking to the media persons, he later said: “I have advised the Kalyani MLA to visit the area and to be with the flood victim. I have also told him to distribute the tarpaulins available with him. I will also talk with him on the matter”.

On Monday during a meeting in Krishnanagar, Partha Chatterjee had cautioned the MLA about negligence and also asked them to access the flood affected areas and to make them available round the clock to help the flood victims.

MLA Ramendra Nath Biswas, however, appeared to be unperturbed about the incident. He found a ‘conspiracy’ behind the incident to malign him. Speaking to the media persons, he said: “The allegations are baseless. I have always tried to help people and to be with them. It is quite unfortunate why they blamed me so”.

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