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Trinamul Activists Afraid Of Radiation, Entrepreneur Winds Up Project For No Power

2016-08-21 13:07

The Shrestha color world factory unit in Birohi


Kalyani, Aug. 21: A young entrepreneur who set up a garment dying and bleaching unit in Nadia’s Birohi, has decided to wind up the project as the West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited could not so far provide the requisite 65KV power supply to make the unit operative during the past 15 months since he deposited Rupees 2.07 lakh for the service connection on May last year.

The WBSEDCL officials of Madanpur sub station who are supposed to do the job are afraid of two siblings, who have prevented them to erect posts for high tension supply on the PWD road as they are afraid of health problem due to “radiation”. The duo, who are known Trinamul activists in the area, have also allegedly threatened to kill them unless the cable lay underground.

In the last 15 months the police never tried to arrest them for their political clout and the administration remained idle. Even an instruction of the chief minister’s office communicated on June 21 is yet to yield any development as the SDPO and SDO Kalyani have decided to take up a joint “awareness” meeting in the area to convince the errant siblings and their associates.

Workers of the company, who are mostly local residents, however, feel that the issue remained unsettled due to role being played by an influential zilla parishad member of Trinamul Congress, because the owner of the dying and bleaching unit refused to entertain his offer for a “meeting” to solve the crisis.

Entrepreneur Samar Dutta, who lives in Khardah Nabapally, said: “This is quite unbelievable that while chief minister has been making positive endeavors to project the state as industry friendly, then how a district administration can tolerate two men to continue their rowdy act for over a year. I have sought help from DM, MP, MLA, zilla Sabhadhipati, local panchayat, power and industry ministers. But, nothing was done. One local Trinamul leader asked me for a meeting with him on it, but I refused. My dream has shattered; my costly machineries have been damaged. I am near to bankruptcy and has no option left but to wind up the project to avoid further loss”.

Samar who owns a garment factory located at South Kulin Para set up “Shrestha Color World”, a small scale bleaching and dying unit in Birohi Charaktala on a 7-bigha plot adjacent to Kalyani-Birohi NH34 bypass during in 2014. He built up building of 14000 square ft for unit and installed machineries like baby boilers, calendar and winch systems at the unit and also recruited nearly 80 workers.

On April 7, 2015, Dutta deposited Rupees 2.07 lakh as service charge as quoted by the WBSEDCL expecting to get the connection within stipulated three months.

But, the WBSEDCL officials were prevented by local Trinamul activists Fakel Ali Mondal alias Hira and his brother Panna Ali Mondal of Chandirampur village.

A WBSEDCL officer said: “The job required erection of five posts along the 60ft wide Kalyani-Birohi NH34 bypass. But the two brothers did not allow us to do it. They were afraid of health hazard radiation from cable. We tried to convince them saying that electric wire does not have any radiation. Moreover, there was no habitation in the stretch. Houses are about 500 meter away. Nevertheless, they remained adamant and threatened us to kill if we dare to do the job against their will. Some locals also later joined them which include local Trinamul activists. As a result we were compelled to suspend the job”.

Some locals later submitted a written application to WBSEDCL requesting it to lay underground cable for the job. But, the appeal has been rejected.

Accused Fakel Ali Mondal alias Hira said: “We will allow the work only if the administration agreed to lay underground cable. This is needed to avoid health hazard and accident”.

The WBSEDCL’s Madanpur station manager Satyaranjan Sarkar on May 16, 2015 had lodged complaint against Hira and Panna at Haringhata police station but the siblings were never arrested.

Manager of the unit Kedarnath Chakraborty said: “We also appraised the district administration as well as industry and power minister. But, none could help us to make our unit operative. Finally on June this year we sought help from chief minister’s office”.

On June 21, the chief minister’s office instructed the sub divisional officer and sub divisional police officer of Kalyani to settle the problem immediately after the entrepreneur made an appeal for help. However, no visible development occurred so far.

SDPO Kalyani Koustabhaditya Achariya, said: “I have received the order barely a month ago and since then has taken up the matter with my officers. There has been a problem created by some local people due to lack of awareness. I have talked the SDO on the matter and have decided to go to the village to organize awareness meeting so they get rid of the apprehensive fear and allow the power supply work”.

SDO Kalyani Swapan Gupta said: “The issue has become an embarrassment despite my best effort to solve it. Some persons in the locality remained adamant on their apprehensive fear. I have been making renewed attempt to settle it with support of local panchayat and police. I am hopeful to settle the problem within a week”.

WBSEDCL’s Madanpur station manager Satyaranjan Sarkar said: “Our officials were threatened by locals. The top authorities have been appraised about the matter and they will speak on it. We will resume the work if only police provide us protection”.

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