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Trafficked Girl Rescued From UP, Not Allowed To Enter Home By Family

2015-06-02 22:51



Mayurhat/Majhdia, June 2: A 18 year old girl from Nadia’s Krishnaganj, who has been rescued by her brother from a sleazy dance racket in Uttar Pradesh three years after she was trafficked there by her fiancé being lured for marriage, has been allowed to enter her home by her family members and neighbors.

The family members of the girl, which include her own elder brother and uncles feel that if the girl stays at home, their five girl children would be ‘spoiled’.

The girl’s 25 year old brother, who is being threatened by relatives for bringing her back home, has been compelled to keep her at residence of one of her distant relatives in Mayurhat, 15 km away from home. Finding no way, the youth, who works as a floor manager of a hotel in Pune, has now planned to take her to his workplace and to admit her there in a school so that she could complete her studies.

On May 28, the girl was produced before a district session judge’s court in Krishnanagar by Krishnaganj police, where she recorded her statement under 164 of Cr PC.

The girl said: “During the last three years I spent through a nightmare. I wanted to forget the past and to live a new live. But after coming home I have realized that my presence has unsettled the peace in the family”.

Rajesh Chaturvedi, Resource Manager of Rescue Foundation, the Pune based NGO that helped to rescue the girl has express shock over the development. He told  over phone from Pune: “If she does not find any place at home, we will bring her to Pune and keep her at our home so that she completes her education and build her career’.

District magistrate P.B.Salim said: “We will extend support to the girl and at the same time persuade the family members so that they accommodate her with dignity leaving the prejudices”.

On August 18, 2012 the girl, then a student of class nine was allegedly eloped by her fiancé Zahir Mandal (30) of Bazitpur village of Hanshkhali on her way to school. Her mother lodged a missing diary on the next day at Krishnanagar police station (GD No. 700/2012). Zahir took her first to Parwana in Bulandshahr district of UP, where he raped her and forced her to join a sleazy dance team of which he was an instructor. She was later taken to Hata town of Kushinagar district in UP to work for separate dance team.

“In Hata Zahir married me, but I found there others girl whom he lured and married. He used to take me and other girls to rural areas where we were forced dance to items number wearing sleazy attire. If the performance was not good Zahir unleashed physical torture on me”, the girl said.

During April the girl for the first time managed to send a text message to her brother’s mobile in Pune with her whereabouts. The youth immediately made contact with the Rescue Foundation in Pune, which in coordination with the UP Police rescued the girl on May 16 from Hata along with 16 other trafficked girls from Bengal.

Inspector Hari of Hata police station said: “On May 16 we conducted a raid at Pipra Kapur area of Hata at about 9 pm on the basis of a complaint lodged by the girl’s brother. The complainant appealed us to rescue her sister from the sleazy dance racket operated by Zaheer Mandal alias Badal and his associates. We rescued the girl and started a case against the accused under section 363, 366 of IPC and section 12 of domestic violence act. We have taken the accused to police remand and made contact with our Nadia based counterpart for in connection with pending case against the accused with them. However, so far we have got no response”.

Zahir was also arrested during the raid and booked under section 363 (kidnapping) and 366 (Abducting a girl to compel her marry and to seduce to illegal intercourse).

A team of Krishnaganj police  would leave for Hata this week to bring Zahir in Nadia to start prosecution.

She returned her home town in Krishnaganj on last Sunday, but not allowed to enter home. Her parents were eager take her back home, but elder brother was most vocal against her.  

The girl said: “My elder brother thinks my presence in the family would convey a wrong message to the children, particularly to the girls. He said it was my fault to be lured for marriage and so I must be punished for life. The two uncles also feel the same way being the father of girl children. Some of our neighbors do feel the same way and supporting them. So I no more want to go home”.

Her younger brother who rescued her said: “Since I informed my family members from Pune that I have got my sister’s whereabouts and trying to rescue her, they became angry. When I brought her back home, they categorically did not allow entering and threatened me of dire consequence if I dare to try to get her back home. My parents are afraid of their violent behavior. I tried to convince them, but failed. I have to return to my workplace, but I cannot leave her alone here. So I have decided to take her back with me in Pune”.

Girls elder brother, a mason said: “My sister opted the wrong person so she has to pay the price. We have many girl children at home, it we allow her now these children might think that any wrongful work would be taken for granted. They would be spoiled. So we have decided not allow her to enter home for sake of these children”.

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