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TMCP Activists Threatened Santipur College Teachers At Gun Point

2016-08-29 23:45


Santipur, Aug.29: Suspected Trinamul Congress activists with support of outsiders today threatened the teachers of Santipur college allegedly at gun point entering the teachers' room for dire consequences if they dare to involve with the ensuing governing body elections.

Former college union secretary Manoj Sarkar today allegedly led the TMCP activists and entered the teachers’ room where one unidentified student brandished a pistol and threatened Amarjit Kundu, a lecturer in mathematics followed putting the firearm on his forehead.

The students later threatened Principal Chandrima Bhattacharjee of dire consequences.

Sources said, both Kundu and Bhattacharjee are known left sympathisers.

Manoj allegedly told the teachers not to dare to defeat the four candidates of Trinamul congress who would be fighting as teachers' nominees in the governing body election slated for August 31.

In last week Manoj's associates allegedly beaten up College's commerce teacher Nabyendu Basak, near Santipur rail station. Basak is a known left minded teacher.

Bhattacharjee, however, today lodged a complaint against unnamed outsiders at the Santipur police station.

Police, however, yet to arrest any one in this connection.

The CCTV footage also had shown Manoj threatening the teachers.

Principal said: "It is a horrible experience. I have lodged a complaint. But I could not approach the police strongly for the arrest being afraid of security of the teachers and mine. I will appraise the matter to the education Minister for his opinion in the matter."

Insiders at the college said, today's attack by the TMCP leader is a desperate attempt to prevent the possible nominees of teachers having allegiance to CPM and Congress to win in the governing body, who have enthusiastic after Congress candidate Arindam Bhattacharjee defeated  Trinamul's Ajoy de in the recently held assembly poll.

Threatened teacher Amarjit kundu said: "At about 1.45pm some students entered inside the teachers’ room, when one of them whom I could not identify had threatened me not to show any interest about the GB poll putting a gun on me forehead. The other teachers tried to protest, but they threatened them too of dire consequences in similar manner. We later approached the principal for help, but they entered her chamber and threatened her too hurling abusive".

Principal Chandrima Bhattacharjee said: "The miscreants asked me to leave college and not to put any hurdle before the Trinamul nominees. The leading miscreant said he has instructions from "top" to ensure safe passage of four nominees to the GB. If they loose, I have encounter with dire consequences".

"I have very good rapport with the local Trinamul leadership, who I do not think might instruct them to do such act. I think a section, who want disturb peace at college campus are behind the attack", she said.

Accused Manoj Sarkar refuted the allegations. "None of the students had threatened any teacher. This is a fabricated allegation. We went to request the teachers to take up the issue of finalizing the scholarship of the students. We later went to principal's chamber with the same Request. But she holding meetings with CPM minded teachers to ensure defeat of Trinamul nominees. I discouraged her to do so. She has done many irregularities in admission of students. She has been politicizing the college since her join."

TMCP Nadia unit President Ayan Dutta said: "I do not what has happened in the college. I do not support any such act. Action would be taken if any of our activists was found involved in it".

A Trinamul leader on anonymity said: "Students' act might be a desperate one but we will do whatever needed to prevent Congress CPM ally to take over the GB".

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