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Telegu Film 'Pratinidhi' Behind Modi's Demonetization?

2016-11-15 09:59

A youth watching Pratinidhi on his smart phone

Pratinidhi graphic

Official poster of PRATINIDHI (2014)


Krishnanagar, Nov. 15: A Telegu film released during April 2014 has suddenly become blockbuster in the lanes of Bengal, as young people watching it online on their mobile phones to know, as they claimed, the actual idea that led Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s to scrap big notes.

The young film lovers who have watched "Pratinidhi" are convinced that this is the film from where Narendra Modi actually conceived the idea of surgical strike against black money as the film had first clearly advocated for banning of high value notes almost two years ago.

While Pune based chartered accountant Anil Bokil’s name has been surfaced up as the ‘brain’ behind prime minister Narendra Modi’s decision to scrap big notes as a remedy against black money, the movie maniacs claim that at least two years ago a Telegu film “Pratinidhi” prescribed same remedy for the menace through a lead character in the film.

In his nine minute presentation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi during June this year, Bokil, who has propounded the concept of ‘Arth Kranti’, an economic solution to curb the vicious cycle of economic corruption, offered him five point action plan including scrapping of high denomination currency notes, scrapping of all taxes except import duties and others to end the parallel economy of black money. Political observers feel that Modi, who had given a patient hearing to the presentation and eventually announced the courageous decision of scrapping big notes, is not the man who conceived the idea. Rather, it was Bokil who was the brain behind Modi’s secretly developed decision against the menace of black money and counterfeit currency notes.

But, in April 2014, much before of Bokil’s presentation, Telegu film “Pratinidhi” (Representative) categorically advocated the need for scrapping of big currency notes to curb the menace of black money and counterfeit notes.

Story of the film was written by Anand Ravi and directed by Prashanth Mandava.

Palash Debnath, a youth who is avid lover of Telegu film said: “I read about Anil Bokil in newspaper being the brain behind Prime Minister’s initiative. But, later I heard about “Pratinidhi’, which proves that much before his presentation before the Modi the remedy was prescribed”.

During the past 72 hours a large number of viewers watched the movie at Youtube. Comments are also pouring there eulogizing the concept of the film that has become the reality now after scrapping of notes by Narendra Modi.

In the film, protagonist, Manchodu Srinu, a journalist, who identifies himself as a ‘common man’ played by Telegu star Nara Rohit, kidnaps chief minister Sambashiva Rao (played by Kota Srinivas Rao) after he received a counterfeit Rupees 1000 note from an ATM and a bank official tears it into pieces. Srinu demands that Rupees 1000 back as ransom without the image of Gandhiji as he feels that it is an insult for him notes with his image being used in corruption and to buy liquor. The rattled administration agreed to pay him back Rupees 1000, but expressed inability to pay any currency without the image of Mahatma Gandhi. The demand could not be satisfied, but Srinu managed to expose the home minister, a member of the vicious racket of fake currency notes and black money.

Srinu categorically told the chief minister and police commissioner to the need for scrapping the existing currency in the market and to print new ones.

He said: “Sir, naku desham antey chala ishtam sir…mana desham lo unde black money ni antham cheyadaniki higher currency notes ban cheyandi.” The film also shows that an economic expert in a panel discussion on the kidnapper’s demand justifying the point saying “The demand for banning of notes was appropriate. In the past also currency notes were banned for specific purpose. If the current notes are declared invalid, the huge black money rolling inside the country and kept hidden in foreign countries will just become piece of paper to be thrown into waste box. Such scrapping will change the economic condition in the country”.

Director of the film Prashanth Mandava appeared to be euphoric witnessing that an issue that was raised in his film became the reality now.

“This is wat we spoke 3 years back now coming true in real life. It is a pleasure to know that we were right in prescribing the remedy against black money”, Prashanth said.

“I am happy as the film now become part of the history”, he added.

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