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Teased Girls Stop Attending School

2015-07-06 23:48

Gopinathpur high school

Tehatta, July 5: Afraid over repeated incidents of harassments and sleazy abuse by the eve teasers, 130 teen aged girl-students of different classes of a Madhyamik Siksha Kendra (MSK) in Nadia’s Tehatta, who live in Dafadarpara village, have stopped attending the school for last 18 days.

These girls of Dafadarpara regularly walk around 500 meters to reach their school - Gopinathpur MSK, which is located in adjacent Sheikhpara village.

Around 100 boys of the same village have also joined the girls recently after a class-seven boy was brutally beaten up by the eve teasers as he dared to raise voice against them.

Since June 18, around 215 students in all from Dafadarpara have not been attending the school in fear of attack by the eve teasers.

Perturbed over harassment, the guardians of these girls and boys, who also decided not to send their daughters to the school, have made a written appeal on three days ago to the local BDO, the administrator of the MSK, to issue transfer certificates for their children so that they could get rid of the eve teasers and be admitted to a ‘safe’ school to continue their pursuit for education.

The girls alleged that the village road through which they used to walk regularly to reach the school has become a den of eve teasers, who made their 10 minutes journey a horrible affair.

The guardians had first approached the Tehatta police to ensure safe passage for their girls without any result. Later guardians of 215 students submitted a mass petition before the Tehatta-II BDO Zahangir Ali requesting him to issue the transfer certificate.

However, even after 18 days, neither the police nor the BDO took any initiative to help the students while the eve teasers roaming freely around the school.

Tehatta – II BDO refused to comment on the matter.

Additional SP (Rural) Tanmay Sarkar said: “This is very unfortunate incident. I will look into the matter and ensure that the student can attend school without any trouble”

Zamirul Dafadar, father of a girl student said: “The security of girls has become a serious concern to us because they have to walk about one km through lonely path to attend the school. Once the girls enter the Sheikhpara, they regularly encounter with the eve teasers. They even molested some of the girls. The administration has so far done nothing. So we have decided to get the TC for admission to safe school. If the BDO does not issue the TC, we will be compelled to suspend studies of our children”.

The MSK, set up during 2010 has around 650 students up to class eight and located around 20-km away from the Tehatta sub divisional town. Most of the students belong to BPL class farming families.

Zakirun Biwi, mother of a girl said: “The problem of eve teasing was there in Sheikh Para in the past too. But, a desperate trend has developed recently”.

Sajani Khatun, a student of class seven said: “More than 100 girls of different classes of our village attend the Gopinathpur MSK in Sheikhpara. Some boys of Sheikhpara have been throwing sleazy remarks and making obscene gestures to us for over a year. We told our Mukhya Samprasarak (head teacher) to look into the matter. Things turned uglier since June 12. Since then the boys of Dafadarpara went desperate with abusive. They even molested some of our girls on the way. We told our parents who lodged complaint with police, but nothing happened. Finding no way we have decided to leave the MSK and appealed for the TC”.

“We stopped going to school from June 18 as on the previous afternoon the eve teasers brutally beaten up Sarzul Dafadar, a student of class seven of our village because he protested against them”, said Rajani Khatun, a student of six.

Tozammel Mandal, Mukhya Samprasarak of the MSK said: “It is true that they are not attending school since June 18 and unfortunately appealed for transfer certificate in a bid to leave school due to fear of eve teasers. I along with some senior local people persuaded the Sheikhpara boys not to disturb the girls on the way. But, they did not listen. I have later appraised the matter to the BDO”.

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