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Tata Magic Driver Beaten Up For Jagaddhatri Puja Subscription

2016-11-06 23:20

Injured Utpal Biswas


Ranaghat, Nov. 6: A Tata magic driver was allegedly beaten today up by the members of a club at Taherpur after he refused to pay Rupees five hundred as Jagadhatri puja subscription.

Utpal Biswas (33), driver of the Tata Magic suffered injuries on his nose as the club members punched him at random on his face stopping his car while he was ferrying passengers in Ranaghat-Byaspur ghat road today afternoon.

Police took profusely bleeding Utpal, a resident of Ranaghat, to Badkulla primary health centre for treatment when he arrived to lodge a complaint.

Police has started a case against the unidentified club members on the basis of the complaint of the driver. However, the accused club members who allegedly demanded Rupees two thousand from four drivers cum owner of the Tata Magic, who ferry passengers in the stretch, went absconding after the incident.

The attack took place despite police rounded about fifty youths in the area a few days ago for alleged extortion in the name of Kali puja subscription.

Today’s incident occurred at about 12.30pm, when Utpal was heading towards Ranaghat from Taherpur carrying passengers in his car. He was stopped at Byaspur by the members of the Byaspur Paschimpara Boys’ Club.

Driver Utpal Biswas said: “Around ten youths came in front of my car and demanded Rupees Five hundred. They earlier issued bills to me and three other Magic drivers demanding Rupees five hundred from each of us. So some of them asked me to pay Rupees two thousand grossly. I said that none of would be able to pay the amount. I offered Rupees twenty individually, or grossly Rupees eighty for all four of us. This made them angry and started beating me suddenly. Some of the passengers protested. But, they threatened them too. They hit on my face. I started bleeding. Some locals rushed in when I managed to escape. They also threatened me of dire consequence if I went to police. I, however, with support of other drivers lodged a complaint with Taherpur police later".

A local associated with the accused club speaking on anonymity, however, refused the allegation.

“The allegation is baseless. The four magic that ferry passengers from Ranaghat to Byaspur through the area often run in recklessly in alarming speed causing panic among pedestrians. The drivers of the magic were cautioned on several occasions, but never given heed to the warning. Today some youths stopped one of the drivers while driving recklessly which followed some altercation. But the driver was not beaten up and question of demanding puja subscription does not arise at all”, the local said.

Sub divisional police officer Indrajit Bose said: “We have received a complaint and examining its veracity. Since Durga puja police is on vigil to curb the menace of the puja subscription. Police has rounded up several youths as well as teen agers, some of whom were even arrested”.

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