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Tapas Paul Returned To Krishnanagar, Isolated

2015-01-06 23:25

Krishnanagar, Jan. 5: Trinamul Congress MP Tapas Paul on Monday for the first time had apologized in person for his alleged ‘rape and kill’ speech which delivered on June 14 in Nadia’s Choumaha village.

“Ami sakaler kachey khama-prarthi’, Paul said in categorical term in a news conference a little after he arrived at the district circuit house in Krishnanagar. However, Paul was apparently remained isolated as the party leadership preferred to maintain distance from him for his hate speech.

He refused to speak anything about his alleged speech terming it as ‘judicial matter’, even though he would not mind to visit Choumaha village.

After the ‘rape and kill’ speech an embarrassed Trinamul leadership literally censored Paul. He issed a written apology, but never seen in public until November when he visited the Parliament to attend a protest dharna in connection with Sardha case.

“During the past few months I was very ill. Now I have returned to my place. In this phase, I will stay here for at least three days and try to meet people and visit all the places as far as possible”, Paul told reporters.

On June 14 Paul in a public meeting in Choumaha village near Bethuadahari in Nadia had threatened to kill the opposition party supporters and to get their women raped. He told this after some Trinamul supporters were allegedly beaten up by CPI (M) activists.

He allegedly said in the meeting: ‘…Ami prochur mastani korechi, ami kaukey chere debo na, amader cheleder dhukiye debo, rape korey choley jabey. Tapas Pal nijey revolber bar korey gooli korey choley jabey. Sahas Thakley Tapas Pal-ke atkey dekhuk.

Donning an orange colored jacked and a cap, Paul arrived at the circuit house in Krishnanagar on a Maruti Ertiga, on Monday at 11.17 AM, almost after a gap of six months since he left Nadia on June 29, a day before his controversial speech was aired on television channel.

However, significantly enough, the district Trinamul Congress leadership, preferred to keep distance from Paul as there was no party leader or worker present at the circuit house to welcome him.

Paul, however, met local party MLA and state technical education minister Ujjwal Biswas, who was eventually present at the circuit house due to a meeting with ICDS officials.

Accompanied with his personal assistant Ajoy Khan, brother of party MLA Kallol Khan, Paul first wished the employees of the circuit house and the media persons for the New Year.

Speaking to the reporters Paul said: “Ami asustha chillum, mrityur mukh theke firey esechi, kichudin holo parliament a jacchilam, ekhaney dui-teen din thakbo, lokeder sathey katha bolbo, notun korey kaaj korbo, 2014 ja geche ta gechety, 2015 notun bacharey sakalkey niye sustho bhavey banchtey chai’.

“Ami sakaler kachey khama prarthi, kichu bhul hotey pare, kintu sakalei amar bondhu, tai sob bhuley notun korey kaaj kortey chai, Paul added further looking visibly repentant for his alleged speech.

“I have so far spent around 29 crores of rupees from my LAD fund, but a lot of things yet to be done, which I would like to complete first, I will resume my endeavor by offering prayers at temples, mosques and churches”, Paul said.

Before entering his suite, he was asked if he would prefer to visit Choumaha soon to beg public apology, Paul deliberately avoided categorical reply.

“I have many places to go and meet people, I will try my best to visit most of the places’, he said.

Later in the afternoon Paul visited Jamey Mosque in Jolerpara area in Krishnanagar and also visited Roman catholic diocese in Krishnanagar.

He met father Peter Soren personally with whom he talked for about 30 minutes over a cup of coffee. He also later visited a Kali temple in the town.

Nadia District Trinamul Congress president Gourisankar Dutta, however, ruled out that party leadership have distanced from Paul. He also ruled out any specific programme for him too at Choumaha.

“He is a party MP like other MPs. He has come to his constituency and as such the party leadership does find anything special in his visit. He was ill which he appraised the leadership. Our party has no provision to organize special meeting for any MP. It is only the routine programme of the party where any concerned leaders or elected representative can participate. Our party is not at all embarrassed about Paul. We also feel no moral obligation to advise him to seek public apology in Choumaha”.

Senior district leader and minister Ujjwal Biswas said: “Tapas is a nice person. He met me today and I have advised him to immediate initiative to complete the development projects which were take up through his LAD”

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