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Suspension Of Work At UIC Udyog In Kalyani

2015-08-21 11:50

The UIC Udyog in Kalyani Picture by PALASH SARKAR


Kalyani, Aug. 21: The UIC Udyog Limited management, one of the leading steel wire manufacturers in eastern India, today declared suspension of work for indefinite period at its factory in Nadia’s Kalyani, alleging “wrongful activities and pressure tactics” resorted by the workmen and due to “poor economic condition” of the company.

On Friday morning the management put up the notice announcing suspension of work. It, however, did not clarify in categorical terms the exact nature of ‘wrongful activities and pressure tactics’ resorted by the workers.

The Kalyani unit has a capacity of producing 60000 metric tones of steel wires per year. It has another unit in Khanyan.

General mnanager Mahesh Bajari, however, said that a section of the workers, who are members of the Trinamul led union, had allegedly assaulted some senior members of the company management during a meeting on August 18 that was called appraise the workers about the stark situation of the company.

“The management had solicited cooperation of the workers. But, some workers and union leaders acted like goons and manhandled some of us. This led the suspension of work ultimately as the company was no longer eager to pay unproductive wages to idle and unruly workers”, Bajari said.

The company management, however, lodged no police complaint for the alleged incident.

Bajari, however, could not be contacted again as he did not take calls further. Repeated attempts to contact other management members went in vain as none responded to the calls.

Company’s Trinamul led workers’ union president Judhisthir Baidya refuted the allegation. “The general manager has told a lie. None of management was assaulted during meeting. We rather offered cooperation to the management by agreeing to work for 12 hours without any extra benefit for survival of the company”.

District INTTUC President Sunil Tarafdar, who was also present in the meeting said: “No company management member was abused or assaulted. The management has a pre plan to shut down the unit and shifting raw materials for past few months which we objected”.

The 240 workers at this production factory will not get salary as long as the unit remains closed.

Angry workers and their family members blocked the Kalyani Barrackpur expressway on Friday morning for about an hour protesting the suspension of work. The blockade was removed after police assured to talk to the company management to sort out the issue.

This is the second time in since 2013, the company suspended work after it faced problems in marketing. There has been no production at the Kalayni unit for the last three months, even though the workers were paid their wages.

Trinamul’s Kalyani MLA Ramendra Nath Biswas termed the incident as ‘unfortunate’. “I will talk to the management and try to find a way out”, he said.

Meanwhile, one of the directors of the company on anonymity said: “The situation at the Kalyani plant went out of control due regular vandalism by a section of workers who never worked. As a result despite repeated caution, the workers were failing to achieve the target”.

“Inspite of repeated reminders a section of the workmen refused to be restrained about wrongful activities in open defiance of the authorities deteriorating law and order situation inside the factory. Despite acute financial stringency, the company has been facing, the wages of the workers were paid where no viable business could be secured during the past few months. Nevertheless, the workers failed to realize and appreciate the stark realities of the situation”, the director said.

“The local administration and Trinamul leaders in Kalyani are aware of the situation at the company. But, they have done nothing. It appeared they had apathy to take up the issues with the workers”, a director said. 


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