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Suspected Fake Medicine Recovered From Kalyani Trinamul Councilor's Home

2016-12-01 17:58

SDO Swapan Kundu with the recovered items


Kalyani, Dec.1: SDO Kalyani Swapan Kundu today led a team of pharmacologists of JNM hospital to conduct a raid at the house of Trinamul councilor of Kalyani Municipality and recovered a cache of medicines, which are suspected to be fake with an approximate valuation of Rupees 12 lakh.

The raiding team which was equally supported by a team of Kalyani police have also found a large numbers suspected fake medicine, saline, intravenous injection from a staff quarter of Kalyani’s JNM Hospital which was illegally occupied by the accused Trinamul councilor.

Ironically, the raid was conducted barely within 12 hours since the top leadership of the party decided to suspend the accused councilor Amar Roy of Kalyani’s Ward 13, for several “illegal” activities.

Roy, however, managed to flee along with one of his four sons.

Police has recovered the medicines which include strips of tablets, capsules, saline bottles, blank cartoons, foils, printed covers of branded medicines sealing equipments and which will be sent to state drug control for examinations.

SDO Kalyani Swapan Kundu said: “The medicines which were found appeared to be fake as they were found lying in broken containers along with huge number of locally printed covers, boxes of medicines of popular brands and sealing equipments”. We have sent the recovered items for examination to be ascertained”.

Acting on a tip-off, the joint team of SDO and SDO first raided a staff quarter of Rama ghosh, a Group D staff JNM hospital allegedly illegally occupied by Tmc councilor followed by a godown at his residence from where the team raided and seized the suspected fake medicines along with the wrappers meant for packing the same.

“It appeared that fake medicines were being sold in the name of leading pharmaceutical companies. The printed boxes and packs are suspicious. The manufacturer reed do not supply medicines in this way”, the SDO said.

Police later arrested a retailer’s stock at a block and seized similar suspected fake medicines.

Kalyani town Trinamul President. Arup Mukherjee said” “the top leadership of has suspended the councilor for his alleged illegal activities”

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