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SUCI Bandh Protesting Convent Attack Near Total In Ranaghat

2015-03-19 06:08

The closed shoppes in Ranaghat during the SUCI Bandh. Picture by ABHI GHOSH


Ranaghat, March 19: Ranaghat today observed a complete bandh from dawn to dusk as a mark of protest against the brutalization of the elderly nun that unleashed a wave of anger.The bandh called by SUCI, a feeble political entity in the Ranaghat town, which seldom responded to any bandh, evoked a huge response as all shops, business establishments, schools, colleges, banks were closed paralyzing the normal life in the town.
“It is unusual in Ranaghat. This town never witnesses such a successful bandh. People in the town do not like bandh. But, Thursday was an exception. It is not that the people in the town have not become supporters of the SUCI, which called the bandh. But, it was the issue behind the bandh that encouraged them to support the bandh”, said Sarajit Pal, who owns a beauty care shop in the town.

Government offices were kept open; however, there was poor attendance. However, SDO Ranaghat Rajarshi Mitra said: “The attendance at my administrative office was normal like other days. Around 85% employees attended the office despite the bandh”.

At many places the police appealed the businessmen to keep their shops open, but they refused to oblige categorically supporting the bandh. The bandh supporting SUCI supporters, however, had a scuffle in the morning at the Ranaghat Municipality, when they allegedly tried to close the main gate of the civic authority campus.

“The bandh supporters were trying to close the gate which we resisted. However, no bandh supporter was arrested in this connection”, a police officer said. The local bus services were also suspended.

The only exception was the train services in the Sealdah-Krishnanagar section and the vehicles on NH 34 which were given an exemption “We are human being first and in this incident the humanity was attacked. So a day’s suspension of business will not harm our life.
But, we will not be able to afford a similar incident in the town any more. This heinous incident of rape has made our heads down in shame.
So there was appeal from the police to keep the shops open, but the traders in the town have refused to oblige them”, said Paritosh Das who runs a book shop in the town.

“In the past, I never shut down my shop responding to bandh call by political parties. But, I decided to close my shop on Thursday as I felt utterly embarrassed about the incident”, said Biswanarayan Banerjee, an elderly businessman who own a cooking utensil shop.

SUCI Ranaghat town committee president Nripen Das said: “The success
of the bandh indicates the anger and shock the people in the town have suffered. We know that all the people in the town are not our supporters, but they have supported the issue behind the bandh leaving their political prejudice. We hope the state government would realize this fact and try to ensure security to the women in the state”.

Meanwhile, the students who formed the #Hok Poriborton squatted throughout the day in front of convent of Jesus and marry. Members of ‘Amra Akranta’ led by Professor Ambikesh Mahapatra later joined them in the afternoon. A 16-member team of ‘Amra Akranta’ including Tumpa Kayal of Kamduni first visited the Ranaghat sub divisional hospital where the elderly nun is admitted. They later visited the school, met the students of #Hok Poriborton and later met the school authorities going inside the campus.
Mahaptra said: “We talked to Robin Gomes, a school clerk who said that
the principal and other officials are busy with the CID officers in connection with the investigation. We assured them of any support if required and tried to share their pain”.

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