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Students Locked In Teachers To Revoke Suspension Order

2016-08-26 15:38

Krishnanagar, Aug. 26: Temporary suspension of six class twelve students of a higher secondary school in Nadia’s Karimpur today lead to a chaotic situation as students boycotted classes and locked the teachers for about three hours demanding that the suspension be revoked.

The teachers were released only after the school authorities agreed to talk with the students. However, the school authorities after the meeting remained firm to its decision of suspension and refused to compromise on the issue of discipline.

The incident occurred at Natidanga Amiya Smrti Vidyapith in Karimpur on Friday.

On August 24, the school managing committee temporarily suspended six students debarring them from attending school for one month as they were found guilty of ransacking the school’s office room and teachers’ room after the final football match of the local school league championship.

Sources said, the students who went to watch the football match at Karimpur regulated market ground on two lorry arranged by school authorities, demanded tiffin for them. But, the teachers present at the ground refused to oblige them.

Head master Abdul Mannan Mondal said: “Tiffin was only arranged for the player. There was no scope for the teacher to arrange tiffin for about 200 students who went to watch the match. The teachers, nevertheless, given them money personally to distribute some tiffin packets they arranged through the organizers. But, the students refused those and returned to school and went on rampage”.

“They broke the school gate, chairs, tables and furniture in the teachers’ room and in the office”, he said.

The managing committee on August 24 in a meeting decided to suspend the students

“We decided to make no compromise with discipline. The six students who incited the situation were asked not to enter the campus for one month. Their parents have also been issued letter appraising them about the issue”, said managing committee president Sahajahan Mandal.

Today some students also incited the other students and forced teachers to leave classes at 11am.

“They misbehaved with us and later locked us in the teachers’ room”, a teacher said.

Nazimul Sheik, a student of class 12 said: “The suspension illegal. Nevertheless, the students begged for clemency, but the authorities refused. The suspension would make a negative impact on their psyche and we therefore requested to withdraw it considering their ensuing examination”.

The school authorities later in the evening held meeting with the students, but they decided to remain firm on its decision.

“We have told the students that there is no question to withdraw the suspension. There were no suspended students joined in the agitation. If they make any appeal, the authorities would reconsider then only reconsider the decision”, said school president Sahajan Mondal.

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