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Students Clashed With Eve Teasers In Chapra, 5 Injured

2015-09-08 21:30

A motorbike of the eve teasers set on fire by the students Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH


Chapra, Sept. 8: Five students of a High Madrasa in Nadia’s Chapra were injured when they were brutally beaten up by some outsider youths as they protested against teasing of some the girl students of their institution. The students were admitted with Chapra block hospital with head injuries. Angry students of the Madrasa later chased the teasers and managed to nab one of them who were also beaten up before handing him over to police. The angry students also set his bike on fire.

The incident occurred at Beltala high madrasa’s vocation training institute in Chapra, located around 35-km from Krishnanagar.

Local sources said, a group of about eight youths entered the Madrasa campus apparently to inquire about admission to vocational training courses. However, they turned up to be Romeo to tease the girl students of the institute.

“They were throwing abusive sleazy remarks targeting the girl, who were feeling embarrassed. Some girls protested, but they threatened and made obscene gestures at them”, said Nazrul Sheikh, a class ten student who was injured in the incident.

The students of the Madrasa then protested their act and asked them to leave the campus. But, this angered the outsiders youths, said a local.

“They initially went outside only to come back with sticks and bamboo poles and attacked us. They started beating up the senior students at random before we could realize anything”, said Mehedi Hasan, a student of Class twelve.

The students also retaliated soon as they attacked the outsiders, but they managed to flee. Only one of the teasers could be nabbed, who was identified as Amir Sohail Mandal, 20, who was beaten up and kept locked until the police arrived at the spot.

The nabbed Romeo was later arrested by the police.

At least ten students were injured in the attack, five of them were rushed to hospital with head injures and other multiple injures. Five students were given stitches as they sustained deep injures on their heads.

Head Master of the Madrasa Akbar Ali said: “This is very unfortunate incident. The outsiders often abuse girls outside of the campus, but this is first time they dared to enter the campus and teased the girls so desperately. We called the police and lodged complaint against the youths”.

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