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Students Apologized, Urged Hangloo To Withdraw Resignation

2015-10-06 22:27

Students squatted before vice chancellor Rattanlal Hangloo's office requesting him to withdraw resignation. Picture by PALASH SARKAR


Kalyani, Oct. 6:  Around one thousand students of different faculties squatted before the office of the Kalyani University vice chancellor professor Rattanlal Hangloo on Tuesday and urged him to withdraw his resignation. The students also submitted a signed appeal requesting him to change his mind while apologizing for the unruly behavior of a section of students who confined him overnight on September 30 that led him to resign.

Visibly moved about the gesture, Professor Hangloo talked to the students, but did not show any possibility to retract from his decision to quit.

Hangloo, rather announced that he would meet the students at the University auditorium on Wednesday afternoon where he speak up from his ‘mind’ in an interactive session, which is being viewed by his final speech at the varsity.

Meanwhile, in a similar gesture responding to an appeal made by arts faculty dean professor Sumit Mukherjee and registrar professor Malay Samanta, around 200 teachers and officers of the University held a joint meeting today and made a written appeal before Hangloo to change his decision adopting a unanimous resolution. Hangloo had also talked to them but made no categorical assurance to reconsider his decision.

Speaking to the media persons, Hangloo said: “The issue of resignation is no more with me. I have told the Chancellor about my decision. I am now actually waiting for his instruction. I will attend the office to discharge my routine duties until his instruction received. Hopefully he would understand my position and accept my resignation”.

Hangloo, however, could not meet Governor Kesharinath Tripathy on Tuesday as scheduled earlier, instead attended the office.

Speaking about his meeting with the Governor, he said: “I was told that the Governor would be very busy today on many other important affairs. I hope to meet him soon”.

Professor Hangloo was, however, found in a somber mood today that amply indicated his decision to quit. In a quite unusual gesture he invited the media persons for a joint photo session with him for his personal collection.

Earlier at about 11 am, students from different faculties gathered at the vice chancellor’s office at the administrative building carrying placards with message like – “We need you, Sir”; “We don’t want your resignation”, “Don’t misunderstand us”.

Raising their hands with the posters and placards, the students silently sat down on the floor for about two hours until the vice chancellor invited five students for a talk.

Five post graduate students met Hangloo at his chamber and talked with him for about fifty minutes.

“The vice chancellor talked to us in detail and explained why he took such a decision. We just requested him to forget everything and to stay with us for our sake. We also thanked him for the roll back of the fee structure and apologized for the unruly behavior of some students. We also told him that we too wanted the admission fee to be slashed, but never wanted his resignation”, said a post graduate student.

Speaking about the appeal of the students, Hangloo said: “I am moved that they came to me. They also submitted a written appeal requesting me to change my decision. I have not been able to read it thoroughly. But, I have told them about the concerted conspiracy by the outside forces who organized spate of unruly agitations inside the campus has broken my heart and I have been compelled to quit leaving my mission unaccomplished”.

“I will meet the students tomorrow against at the auditorium and explain the situation which I have faced”, he said.

Hangloo said that he would soon write a book on memories of Kalyani.

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