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Student Slapped Teacher In Nadia School

2015-07-22 22:56

Assaulted teacher Supratip Roy


Badkulla, July 22: On the day chief minister Mamata Banerjee had advised students to pay respects to the teachers and elderly person, a class ten student of a Nadia high school slapped the assistant head teacher in front of other students as he refused to hand over his first unit test’s report card to him without his parents as decided earlier by the school’s academic council.

The incident occurred at Anjangarh high school in Nadia’s Badkulla under Hanshkhali police station on Tuesday afternoon.

The other students who were present at the spot, however, rescued assistant head teacher, identified as Supratip Roy, from the clutches of the errant student and his brother who was with him during the incident.

Roy is also a CPI (M)’s Nadia district committee member. However, did not find any political indulgence behind the act of the student.

After the attack, classmates held the errant student Somenath Santra, of section A and demanded him to be handed over to police. However, Roy offered mercy and allowed him to go.

The incident, however, created resentment among the teachers and the students, who later boycotted their classes demanding punishment of the student.

Repeated persuasion by the victimized assistant head teacher Supratip Roy, a district committee member of CPI (M) to resume class went in vain as they students remained firm in demand for punishment of the errant student.

Boycotting of classes even continued on Wednesday until the school managing committee President Nikhil Sarkar intervened and assured action against the student after a meeting Thursday.

According to school sources, trouble broke out a little after the report cards of the unit tests were distributed by the class teachers.

Roy said, in the meeting of the academic council it was decided that no report card will be handed over to the students without their guardians, preferably parents.

“We accordingly instructed the students to request their parents to be present at the school on the day. Most of the students except few, who stays at the houses of their relatives were accompanied with their guardian”, Roy said.

However, Somenath arrived at the school without his parents. His elder brother Sourav, a former student of the school accompanied him to the school. Somenath came to me and insisted to hand over his report card to him. I advised him to contact his class teacher. But, he started shouting demanding the report card. I tried to persuade him about the decision. But, he became excited and started me slapping at random suddenly. I was shocked about his reaction. Some students and teachers present there rescued me. I never expected that student of my school could slap me in this way at the school itself. I lost my words in despair and humiliation”, Roy said.

A teacher said: “Such behavior of a student cannot be tolerated. He should be punished otherwise such tendency will be increasing among the students”.

Roy, however, thinks: “I will talk to the student and try to make him understand that such behavior is not expected from a student. He is like my son and I hope he would understand. A punishment cannot always be a remedy for such act”.

The students and the teachers are however, not eager to listen Roy. They had withdrawn the class boycott on the assurance of the managing committee president Nikhil Pal on Wednesday.

“I have assured the students and the teachers that a decision about the accused student will be taken at the meeting. The members are also angry about the behavior of the student. Such behavior cannot be tolerated. I have urged the students and the teachers not to disrupt classes as it will ultimately harm precious academic time”.

The errant student, however, could not be contacted for his comment. 

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