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Story Doze For Children To Beat Slumber After Mid Day Meal

2016-09-25 08:51

A student telling a story in his classroom after the mid day meal session

Krishnanagar, Sept. 25:
  The Nadia district primary school council has introduced a daily story telling session for the pupil reading in the schools under its control so that they can beat their sleepy feeling (“bhat ghoom”) after taking rice in their mid day meal at schools.

As feeling sleepy is a common occurrence after taking heavy meals even among adults, the Nadia district primary school council has launched the initiative to keep the children mentally active for at least 15 minutes in a different way after consuming the mid day meal.

“This is not a general lunch break, rather a mandatory free session the lunch when children would explore their minds with creativity, share their experiences in the form of telling stories so that they remain engaged otherwise and not engulfed with the slumber. Our objective is to encourage the students to speak as it would help in their grooming. At the same time teachers have been advised to tell funny stories of intelligence like that of Birbal, Gopalbhanr, Tenaliram so that the children can enjoy and remain mentally active”, said council chairman Ramaprasad Roy.

Pursuing the order, most of the 2186 primary schools in Nadia have started the story telling session in the schools from last week.

Most of the primary schools have six periods daily and mid day meal is generally served at 1.40pm after the fourth period. 

From 2pm the 15 minutes new free creative session begins when the children are told stories. After this session the normal classes resumed.

Safiqul Islam, head master of Abhaynagar prathamik Vidyalay in Palashipara said: “Earlier normal  classes began soon after the mid day meal break. But, it often became difficult for the teachers to draw attention of the children as many of them become sleepy as an apparent immediate impact of consuming rice in meal. This often caused problems in classes. But, since the story telling session started, the children never found sleepy at all”.

Sandipan Roy, a general physician said: “Feeling sleepy after eating rice or heavier meals is a common problem not just in children rather even among adults. This is caused as much of the blood diverted from brain to digestion system making the brain idle and feeling sleepy. Since rice is harder, it takes more time and energy to digest. The energy which normally used to keep us awake and active is used to digest the consumed rice. In such state light mental activities can beat the sleepy feeling”.

Indranil Banerjee, a teacher at Dhubulia Vidyasagar Vidyapith said: “This is a great initiative started by the council. Since the initiative has been launched we have been trying to ensure that all students in their respective class room occupy their seats and starts sharing their stories whatever they know. The teachers also at the same time telling them funny and inspirational stories like of Aesop, Sukumar Roy sketching graphical outlines on blackboard so that students can understand and enjoy to remain mentally active”.

Council chairman Ramaprasad Roy said: “We have started the initiative with storytelling, but have advised the schools to try other ways like organizing quiz session, drawing, recitation to keep the students active mentally after they take mid day meal. We have advised the teachers not to create any pressure but encourage them to attend the session so that they can learn something out of joy without any compulsion”.

The initiative has mostly been welcomed by the guardians, there are exceptions too, who become afraid of extra burden on their wards.

“The schools have now increased activities of students. They now regularly participate from cleanliness drive, physical training and extracurricular activities. I hope that this story telling session would not invite any pressure to the pupil”, said Asha Choudhury, mother of a class four student.

Council chairman Ramaprasad Roy ruled out such apprehension. He said: “Our initiative aims for comprehensive grooming and education of the children. In this endeavor we need support of the parents . They should come forward to help us and encourage children to participate in such activities”.

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