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Sons Dump Aged Mother At Railway Station In Nadia

2015-09-06 23:59

Elderly Kanan Roy at Shimurali Rail station. Picture by DEBASISH MUKHERJEE


Shimurali (Nadia), Sept. 6: The Government railway police (GRP) on Sunday admitted an 80 year old ailing woman to a hospital finding her apparently abandoned by her two sons at a deserted railway station in Nadia.

80 years old Kanan Roy of Magrahat in South 24 Parganas was allegedly took out by her two sons from home on a fake tour to a relative’s marriage luring her for good food on Thursday afternoon and dumped her later in night at deserted Shimurali rail station under Sealdaha-Ranaghat section, around 120 km away from her home.

The ailing woman said: “Bhalo khabar debe boley niye ese, fele rekhe choley gyachey amar chelere”.

Some local businessmen and hawkers who found the woman weeping on Friday morning in front of station’s ticket counter took care of her until the GRP admitted her to the Jawaharlal Nehru medical college hospital in Kalyani on Sunday morning”.

A doctor who attended the woman said: “The woman had fever apart from multiple old age ailments. She is also suffering from mal nutrition and anemia. She needs a thorough examination”.

Samir Ghosh, officer in charge of GRP- Kalyani said: “We have recovered the woman and admitted her to JNM Medical college hospital. We have been monitoring her condition. At the same time, we have sent her photographs to all nearby police stations including south 24 parganas so that she could be identified. We are also trying to find out her sons to confirm the veracity of the allegation of the woman”

“If the allegations of the woman are found to be true the necessary legal action would be initiated against her sons under the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizen Act 2007. If found guilty, the sons could be slapped fine and imprisoned for a period of maximum one month”, said a police officer.

Manoranjan Acherjee, who runs a photo-framing shop adjacent to the station, said: “On Friday morning I found the woman weeping in front of the ticket counter. She was too feeble to talk. I never had seen such an aged woman on the platform in Shimurali before. She was not like an old tramp. So I became curious and asked about her whereabouts and also about her grievance. I gave her tea and biscuits. Some local hawkers also joined me."

"After much effort she murmured that her two sons had left her last night asking her to wait at the station until they return with food", Acharjee said.

"She said her name as Kanan Roy, a resident of Magrahat. Her husband Phani Roy died long ago. She named her two sons - Babul and Laxman, both construction laborers. She told us that she lived on a land owned by her husband. But a few months ago her sons forced her to get the land registered with their name. Since then they had been beating up her and also denied foods”.

Parimal Roy, a tea stall owner said: “The woman was quite hungry. I gave her biscuits and bread. Some other persons had given her food. Monoranjan da given her new cloth and a gamcha. After waiting two for days expecting that her sons would return, we requested the station manager to contact the GRP so that she could be admitted hospital as she appeared to be ailing”.

Speaking to this correspondent the elderly woman said: “Khete chailey cholera khub marto. Amar khub khidey peto. Sedin bollo biye bari niye giye khawabey boley niye elo, tarpor amake apeksha kortey boley chole gelo. Oder sathey aar jabo na”

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