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SIM Card Vendor Arrested For Using Forged Documents

2016-07-30 16:09

Accused vendor being taken to court after arrest


Ranaghat, July 30: Ranaghat Police today have busted a racket of selling "pre-activated" SIM cards issued on forged identity proofs and arrested distrutor of sim card of a mobile service providor company and five of his employees.

Today a police team led by sub divisional officer Indrajit Basu conducted a raid at the company's store in Biswaspara area of Ranaghat town and arrested Srikumar Bhattacharjee and five of his employees.

Police have recovered over 100 mobile pre activated SIM cards of a reputed service cellular service providing company which were issued on forged IDs, photographs, forged Consumer Application Forms (CAF), nearly one hundre fake Epic card, two computers, five mobile phones and other forged documents.

SDPO INdrajit Basu said: "we have arrested the distributor and his associates for selling pre activated sim cards without documents. They are beings questioned now and be produced before the court tomorrow".

Police said that the accused persons have been charged under section 468 of IPC.

Busting of the racket made possible on the basis of information provided by two students of Santipur college Sandio Sarkar and Avijit Bhattacharjee, during their interrogation after they were arrested last week for making fake voters cards.

"At the same time while investigating a number of recent crime cases we found that the accused persons have used ‘pre-activated’ sum cards issued to other person’s forged identity proof while committing the crime and abandoned it soon after the job is accomplished. We werelooking for the racket making this fake identity proofs on forged documents. The arrest of the two students of Santipur college made our task easier. During the interrogation they confessed that they woeked fir the Ranaghat based SIM distributor, who has taken hundreds of sim from them which they made using photoshop on forged documents. The duo also said that there are other youths doing the same job fir the distributor across the district. We are now trying to nab those youths", SDPO Ranaghat indrajit Basu said.

In last year Santipur police arrested Sanjoy Bose, an associated distributor of a telecom company for similar charges.

A senior police officer of Nadia police saud: "While tracking the mobile phone of a number of accused in some recent crime cases, we have found that sim card that was used in committing the crime was originally issued in others namesf orging document. In such cases often innocent persons landed in trouble".

“The most recent case is the murder of 9 year old boy Rajat Biswas of Hanshkhali, who was abducted and then killed. The abductors called victim’s family to demand ransom. The sim card that was used to demand the ransom was issued in favor of a person in Nabadweep. His documents were forged to issue the sim card, which was pre activated and sold to the abductors without any document", said the officer.

“This is a dangerous trend as many innocent persons being fell victim and landed in crime conspiracy unknowing as many vendors of telecom companies are involved in the racket. We have decided to talk to the service provider companies and issue circulars making the retailers aware not to indulge such selling”, he added.

According to police, Srikumar and his associates used to submit required forms after completing all the requisite formalities on the basis of forged IDs and photographs and submit to companies. We apprehend he has nexus with a section of officials of these companies which never verified the document properly before issuing and activate the sum cards”, said an investigating officer of Ranaghat police station.

“During the interrogation it became clear to us that the distrbutor and his men allegedly arranged forged of their previous customers”, said an officer.
He used to get a number of SIM cards activated on a single ID at a time and could repeat the same process after some gap," the officer added.

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