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Seven Youths Returning From Bar Died In Road Accident

2015-11-02 23:10

The fateful Maruti Ertiga Picture by PALASH SARKAR


Kalyani, Oct. 2: Seven youths from Nadia’s Ranaghat crushed to death when a bus carrying tourist rammed on to their Maruti Ertiga in a desperate bid to over a lorry while they were returning from a bar on Kampa-Jaguli link road late on Sunday night.

Police said, the accident took place when the bus from Nadia’s Karimpur goint to Puri entered wrong lane and rammed on to the Maruti Ertiga coming from the opposite direction in a high speed killing all the seven youths travelling in it. Fourteen passengers of the bus were injured in the incident.

The bizarre incident occurred a little past midnight in front of Kampa panchayat office under Bijpur police station.

The Kampa-Jagulia link road connects National highway-34 with Kalyani expressway.

The fateful car was carrying seven youths from Ranaghat, all aged late 20s, who were returning home after a drink session in a bar (“Ullash”) on the Kampa-Jaguli link road.

Police and fire service personnel from Bijpur rushed to the spot and recovered the victims from the mangled vehicle and rushed them to Jawaharlal Nehru medical college hospital. Five of the victims were announced brought dead while two succumbed to injuries later at the hospital.

The deceased youths were identified as Sanjit Prasad, Dipak Kundu, Dulal Hawladar, Suman Das, Biswajit Rana, Balai Ghosh and Raja Chakraborty, who was driving the car.

(Sanjit has a stationary shop, while Dipak and Suman run the family grocery shop in Ranaghat. Raja and Biswanath works as civil contractor, while two others work on contractual basis at local panchayat)

Neeraj Kumar Singh, commissioner of Barrackpur police commissionerate said: “We came to know that the bus took the wrong lane to overtake a lorry in high speed and collided head on with the Maruti, which was also running in high speed. The car had seven passengers of which five died on the spot. We are now trying to find out the bus driver who fled since the accident occurred”.

Meanwhile, a pall of gloom descended in Panthapara, Kirtinagar and Rupashree Pally area of Ranaghat town from where the seven youths had lived.

Locals said that the seven youths, who are close friends and all Trinamul Congress activists, left Ranaghat at about 9.30 on the Maruti Ertiga, brought on rent by Raja Chakraborty, one of the victims from his friend in Taherpur.

Police said, actual owner of the car is yet to be identified. However, Raja was driving the car, it said.

Local sources said, the seven youths were enjoyed a cultural programme (Vijoya Sanmilani) organized by Shyamnagar anchal Trinamul Congress committee that held at a ground in Panthapara until they decided to have attend a bar on Kampa road.

A common friend of the seven victims said: “At about 9.30 pm they decided to go for a drink at a bar on NH-34. But, soon the changed the plan and decided to attend Ullash on Kampa road. I came to know that the accident occurred when they were returning from the bar”.

Tarak Das, father of victim Suman Das said: “Local politicians have spoiled these youths. They exploited these youths luring them for money and liquor. Such end was probably inevitable as these youths went out of control. I did not have any control on my son too. He came home last night at about 8.30 pm and said he would come late at night. But, he did not tell me where he would go, despite my repeated question. Today morning I cam to know from police that he has died in an accident. I am most ill-fated person who had two sons and both died in accident”.

Suman’s elder brother Manik drowned in river during immersion of Durga idol a few years ago.

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