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Robbery At Rice Bran Oil Factory In Kalyani

2015-08-21 19:30

The Amicus Oil And Refinery Private Limited in Kalyani Picture by PALASH SARKAR


Kalyani, Aug. 21: A gang of about fifteen armed miscreant raided a edible oil factory in Kalyani industrial estate on the intervening night of Thursday and Friday and decamped with machineries and production equipments worth around Rupees One crore locking the security guards and other workers at gun point.

The miscreants which entered the production plant at about 10.45 Pm allegedly conducted unhindered operation for about three hours seizing the cell phones of all workers and escaped with machineries loading in a truck.

The attacked unit Amicus oil and refinery private limited, is one of the largest producers of rice bran oil in the state.

Police have, however, expressed ‘doubts’ about the alleged robbery. It has also claimed to have recovered a part of the robbed machineries.

Additional SP Ajay Prasad said: “We have found a number of suspicious angles against the allegation of robbery. We have been found some robbed machineries stacked outside of the plant complex, which also deepened the suspicion. It appears to be a case of theft attempt, but not a robbery most likely. A case has been started. We are, however, looking into all possible aspects”.

Company workers who were present during the incident, however, rubbished the police theory.

Plant manager Tapas Mukherjee said: “Police trying to cover up the case to avoid embarrassment as it arrived at the spot six hours after since we informed it at about 1.50 am last night”

Factory manager Pappu Sing said: “No robbed machineries were stacked outside the factory compound. Police on Friday afternoon informed that they have recovered a part of the robbed items, but did not disclose from where they found it. Police is telling lie to suppress the incident of the dacoity”.

Additional SP, however, said: “We received complaint only on today morning and acted immediately”.

Meanwhile, sleuths claimed that the company became debt ridden and under pressure from banks. “We are trying to find out if the purported robbery has any link to escape the debt liabilities”, a police officer said.

According to workers present at the plant, at around 10.45 two miscreants scaled down the boundary wall to enter inside and forced the security guards to open the main gate at gun point.

Plant manager Tapas Mukherjee said: “We saw a truck entered inside the plant carrying some youths. Some of the youths aged around 25-30 years were masked. Most of the youths had firearms in their hand. They summoned all the 15 workers and other security guards near to the gate, snatched the mobile phones and put us at gun point near the guard’s room”.

After that the miscreants broke open the entrance of the main plant unit and started looting the production machineries and equipments.

“We awfully watched that the miscreants had load heavy duty motor sets, wheel valves, pump sets, electric cables into the lorry. After about an hour when the truck was fully loaded, it left and returned again within 30 minutes to load the rest”, said the plant manager.

According to a preliminary assessments, around 60 heavy duty motor set, each of which worth around Rupees 70000 were taken away by the miscreants, apart from over one hundred wheel valves each of which worth around Rupees 20000, a company official said.

Additional Superintendant of police (HQ) Ajay Prasad said: “There are several inconsistencies in the statements of the workers including security guard present during the incident. We will interrogate the security guard to find out what exactly had happened”.

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