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Road Blockade By Locals To Get Rid Of Stagnant Water

2016-08-26 19:04

A man cycling through a waterlogged lane in Krishnanagar. Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH

Homemakers joined the road blockade programme in Krishnanagar. Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH


Krishnanagar, Aug. 26: Residents of Ward-15 and 16 living around busy Bowbazar area of Krishnanagar town blocked town’s life line – the Dwijendralal Roy Road for over 40 hours accusing the local civic authorities of acting indifferent to get rid of stagnant water they have been suffering from for the past seven days due to incessant rain.

Members of about 260 families living in Baganpara, Arobinda road, Pallysree, Baishnabpara, Bowbazar under the two wards blocked the road demanding an assurance from the civic body chief to solve their recurring problem of water logging every year.

However, even after expiry of 40 hours, the civic authorities could offer any immediate solution except installing pump late in the afternoon to clear the logged water.

The angry local, nevertheless, were not convinced and continued the blockade till report last came in.

The blockade disrupted traffic movement in the town as the local administration converted rail station bound vehicles through Raj sadak and Roy Para.

Amar Tarafdar, a resident of ward-15, said: “We have been living in hell for the last seven days. Water logging in this area is not new. We are quite accustomed of water logging every year for few days. But, the situation is quite different

Sukla Chakraborty, a homemaker said: “For the last seven days there has been knee deep water inside my house. I am cooking on the bed. Groceries have been damaged. There is no drinking water. My children have been compelled to stop going school. The area has become breeding ground of mosquitoes. Children suspended going to school”.

The local residents alleged that messy drainage system is the root cause behind the water logging.

Local resident Pranab Biswas: “There was deep canal on the border of the area adjacent to railway track which used to save the area from inundation. But, during the past few years the canal has been illegally occupied in some places where in other places it has been clogged dumping garbage. The civic authority should take up cleaning canal in consultation with the railway authorities as well as clean the existing drainage system as a permanent solution.

Chairman of Krishnanagar Municipality Ashim Kumar Saha said: “The area is low laying looks like a basin. As a result, water from adjacent areas used to concentrate in the area making the area as a pool of water. This is a recurring problem and we always pump out the water, we have deputed water pumps so that the water could be discharged at the earliest. At the same time we will take up cleaning of the drainage system in the area”.

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