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Red Carpet Returns At Kalyani University

2015-06-26 23:20

Governor Kesharinath Tripathy set to walk on the red carpet after arrival at the Kalyani University on Friday. Picture by ANUP MANDAL


Kalyani, June 26: The traditional red carpet is back The in University of Kalyani after a gap of three years. The Kalyani University on Monday maintaining the tradition welcomed Governor Kesharinath Tripathy on red carpet, which was literally banned by the Trinamul led students union of the University in 2012.

On September 13, 2012, a few hours before beginning of the 25th convocation, the Trinamul led students’ union in an unusual politics of color, had forced the former vice chancellor Alok Banerjee to remove the red carpet laid for the ceremonial welcome of Governor M.K.Narayanan.

The NfN Page of Sept 14 2012 when the former governor walked over the green carpetThe Students’ union members led by former general secretary Tanmay Acharya raised objection as they claimed that ‘red’ symbolizes the 34 year’s ‘misrule’ of left front regime.

They wanted to replace red carpet with the green to mark the ‘Parivartan’ in the state. 

On the 26the convocation in the next year, held on August 8, the University avoided laying any carpet. The corridor was painted with ‘Alpona’. However, a rain unsettled everything. To avoid slushy turf a small piece of red mattress was laid at the last minute at the gate where the governor’s vehicle arrived. But ‘Siksha bandu’ members raised strong objection.

However, on Friday, it was different scene altogether as vice chancellor Rattanlal Hangloo welcomed Governor Tripathy, US consul general Helen LaFave and deputy high commissioner of Bangladesh Zokey Ahad on the traditional red carpet when they arrived on the occasion of the inaugural programme of the Centre of Bengali Diaspora.

A 50-meter long roll of red carpet was laid at the entrance of the administrative building where the Governor first disembarked from his car. Another 30-meter long red carpet was laid on the corridor connecting the main venue.

However, there was no protest at all.

Member of the Trinamul led students’ union were not visible at the venue at all.

Sources claimed that some members of the Trinamul’s non teaching staff body ‘Sikshabandhu Samity’ had asked the decorator’s laborers about red carpet. However when they came to know that the red carpet being laid under instruction of vice chancellor they did not dare to register their ‘reservation’ in absence of any leadership.

Sikshabandhu suffered a setback as at least three of its leaders including University unit secretary Anjan Nath was arrested and later suspended in connection with alleged assault of Estate Officer early this year.

A member said: “In 2012, the students demanded it right to replace the red carpet as the color became symbol of terror. The convocation held within a few months Trinamul came to power. So the emotion was different then. We don’t believe in politics of color, nevertheless, the 34 year’s misrule and terror has made us prejudice about red. So we would be happy if VC avoided the red carpet. However, we said nothing to avoid fresh controversy”

President of students’ union Krishnendu Roy said: “We have absolute faith in vice chancellor Rattanlal Hangloo. Whatever he has done must be for sake of the University and the students”.

Professor Sumit Mukherjee, Director of the Centre of Bengali Diaspora, which organized Friday’s programme said: “The member teachers unanimously had chosen the traditional red carpet. However, I have no information if anybody raised objection at any other level”.

Sources said Mukherjee was cautious while adopting the resolution. “He asked all members separately about any objection. But all nodded in favor of the red carpet as they were confident that Hangloo will not entertain any demand of replacement of red carpet for green like 2012”, a member said.

Hangloo said: “The red carpet is the traditional mark of ceremonial reception which has no alternative. Any controversy over it is a stupid affair. Red is the color of vibrancy, enthusiasm and dynamism” 

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