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Police Lathi Charge On Women, Students In Chapra

2015-08-10 23:02

A Civic police ruthlessly beating a student outside Chapra police station. Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH


Chapra, Aug. 10: Police on Monday lath charged students and women outside the Chapra police station in Nadia when they gathered there to protest against its alleged apathy to find out a youth who went missing mysteriously from his home on August 4. The cops also later allegedly ransacked some houses of protestors in Pukhuria village in Chapra and arrested 34 of them beating them up brutally for unleashing ‘violence’ and ‘ransacking’ police station.

At around 10 Am the civic police personnel unleashed the attack on the protesting residents of Pukhuria when they raised their voice demanding to appraise them the status of police initiative to find out Baker Ali Mistry, a second year BA student of ChapraCollege.

The lath charge began after some angry villagers overturned flower pots kept at the entrance of the police station.

Police have arrested 34 persons including some women for “attacking” the police station.

Superintendant of police B.L.Meena said: “The villagers were arrested as they barged into the police station and ransacked a room. We have dispersed them and arrested 34 persons”.

He, however, refuted the allegation of ‘inaction’ against the Chapra police.

“There was no inaction or negligence done into investigation of the youth’s mysterious disappearance. We have already arrested three persons suspected to be involved behind his disappearance. However, we are yet to find out the missing youth. We have been trying our best, but the villagers become impatient”, the SP said.

Local sources said, on August 6 night Baker went missing from home. Some masked men summoned him outside and abducted him, family members claimed.

The family members suspect that husband of a woman with whom Baker recently allegedly developed an affair has a role behind his mysterious disappearance. The woman had also recently lodged a complaint against Baker for “disturbing” her.

Baker’s widow mother Haleman Bewa, however, claimed her son had no relation with any woman in the area.

“I lodged a complaint with some suspected names. However, even after expiry of five days the investigating officers of Chapra police failed to provide even a ray of hope about my son. Today we along with his friends and neighboring women went to police station to inquire about the status of investigation. But, they refused to talk despite repeated appeals and later started beating us randomly. They did not even spare me. I could not flee and fell on the ground when some men in uniform brutally beaten up me also”.

The dispersed villagers fled back to village only to face fresh assault by the cops at home.

“The police men came in vehicles and started ransacking our houses, beaten us again brutally and picked our men and young members to police station. We pleaded mercy but they were ruthless”, said a woman whose husband was arrested.

Most of the male members of the village have meanwhile fled fearing police excess.

“We just wanted to know if Baker is still alive or not. But, they replied with batons”, said a youth in the village.

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