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Partha Visits Nadia; Takes Stock Of Flood Situation

2015-08-03 18:17

Partha Chatterjee visiting a flood centre in Nabadweep. Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH


Krishnanagar, Aug. 3: The flood situation in 11 blocks of Nadia district still remained alarming on Monday despite a decrease in the rainfall. The spilled over water of the local rivers like Jalangi, Bhagirathi and Churni which are being flown much over the danger level due to released water of dams over rivers Mayurakshi and Ajoy, has inundated many fresh areas during the past 24 hours in the affected 11 blocks causing serious concern to the district administration.

State education minister Partha Chatterjee on Monday visited the Nadia and taken stock of the situation in a meeting with the senior officials of administration and party MLAs in Krisnanagar. He later visited the flood affected areas in Nabadweep, Santipur and Chakdaha block before camping in Kalyani to monitor the situation in the night.

During the meeting, the minister cautioned the officials and MLAs not to make any negligence and slackness in relief works.

Insiders present in the meeting said that Chatterjee instructed all the MLAs to regularly access the flood affected areas personally and to monitor the relief works to ensure that no allegation of any political prejudice is raised by the flood victims.

A party MLA said: “Parthada conveyed the instruction of the chief minister who categorically asked all the MLAs to make themselves available in the areas and to work in coordination with administrative officials to help the flood victims”.

Speaking to the media persons at the circuit house in Krishnanagar, Chatterjee said: “I have told the officials to ensure that no flood victim is deprived of any relief materials . The government does not believe in political color while distributing relief among victims. We have told the officials and the MLAs to be with the victims and to extend all sorts of cooperation to them. There is a sufficient stock of relief materials including dry food items, rice, cloths and tarpaulin. It is the officials to ensure that the relief materials are being distributed properly. We have been monitoring the situation as well”.

Flaying the opposition, Chatterjee said: “I would at the same time advise the opposition leaders not to make any illogical allegation of political prejudice against the government, rather to help the victims at this time of distress”.

Meanwhile, nearly 200 families in Ward-16 of Santipur town who live in Steamer Ghat para have alleged denial of relief materials.

Home makers like Sumana Pramanik, Pinku Pramanik  alleged: “There has been no relief distributed by the local administration. We could not even get a boat to shift our personal belonging to a safer place”.

Santipur Trinamul MLA Ajoy De assured to look into the matter.

Meanwhile, insufficient availability of country boats has also been alleged by flood victims from different areas across the district.

“Due to absence of boat we could not save our moveable properties. We wait with patience for over 48 hours, nevertheless, could not got access to a boat to shift our materials”, said Bharati Sandhukhan in Santipur.

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