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Partha Challenges Mukul, But Avoids 'Sabotage' Slur On Him

2015-03-01 21:44

Partha Chatterjee speaking at Kalyani on Sunday. Picutre by PALASH SARKAR

Mukul Roy walking towards his home in Kanchrapara. NfN Picture


Kalyani, March 1: A day after Mukul Roy was robbed of the party posts, Trinamul Congress secretary general Partha Chatterjee on Sunday literally made an open challenge to him saying that the party is established on a solid structure and none has power to unsettle even a ‘brick’ from its base.

“Amader doler it bhangar khamata karo nei, amader ghar bhalo mistirir hatey toiri, pratita it jatno korey gatha’, he said in a meeting in Kalyani on Sunday titled ‘Milan Utsav’ organized to celebrate party’s emphatic win in recent by poll.

Seven thousand party workers of Kalyani, Haringhata and Krishnaganj segments were given a treat with lunch, catered by two agencies. Subrata Bakshi also attended the meeting.

Chatterjee, however, avoided any categorical allegation of ‘sabotage’ against Roy aides, unlike Nadia Trinamul president Gourisankar Dutta. He rather tried to bring the Mukul aides closer to the party organization, who were allegedly played a ‘suspicious’ role on February 13 by poll.

Chatterjee said: ‘Sudhu antorghater katha boley nijeder modhye sandeher paribesh toiri korben na. Baron dekhun ki karoney kono kono jagatey vote komlo”.

The party, however, removed Mukul aide Jhumur Bose, from the post of Trinamul’s Nadia women wing secretary. Jhumur has been replaced by Chakdaha MLA Ratna Kar, another close aide of Mukul.

Jhumur refused to make any comment about her removal.

Nadia Trinamul president Gourisankar Dutta said: “She has been replaced as per the decision of Abhishek Bandhopadhaya”.

Meanwhile, the party in bid to give importance to Mukul aides elevated their position in the leadership. Kalyani town youth wing president Arup Mukherjee, who also had a suspicious role, has been elevated as  the president of Kalyani town Trinamul president. Sources said, Arup has been warned by the leadership for drastic action if he learnt to have any link with Roy.

Another Mukul aide, Chanchal Debnath, who was also seen visiting Mukul often, has been made Haringhata block president of the party, replacing Dilip Roy.

Chatterjee refused to make any comment about the reasons behind the changes in the leadership. “These are our internal matter”, he said precisely.

However, party insiders said the leadership has little option to bring any new face.

“All most all the leaders and senior activists in the party in Kalyani, Haringhata area are handpicked by Mukul. They have close allegiance with him. So, the leadership has opted to do what it did for Subhendu Adhikary recently. These Mukul aides have been given more importance to give them more test of power in a bid to make them isolate from Mukul”, a leader said.

Partha Chatterjee, rubbished allegation of ‘Sabotage’ against the Mukul and his aides, when asked categorically, even though in his speech he hinted of it. He said: “Media o ekhankar barobabura amader haratey chesta korechilo, kintu pareni”

However, Chatterjee said: “Ami netader sudhu antorghater katha na bole, atmo bisleyshan kortey bolechi”.

“We have never said any sabotage was occurred. We have discussed about the reason of poor performance in some booths. We have told the local leadership to find out the grievance of the people in that pocket. I have also told the leadership to examine the person who was given charge of the booth. The leadership should try to find out if the people there were not happy with him or there was no development work was done. However, if we find anyone who have backstabbed the party, we will take action against him as per the party constitution”, Chatterjee added.

“I told the party workers to work united and never to waste time repenting over who left the party. We know that there may be some people, who would try to backstab the party. I have told party workers to be careful about them”.

Nadia Trinamul president Gourisankar Dutta, however, differs from Chatterjee. He said: “Some leaders including a national level leader of the party tried to defeat the party in many booths of Kalyani and Haringhatra. Many known face of the party were absent the day of bypoll mysteriously. They went outside. Similar attempt of sabotage was also reported by Krishnaganj MLA Satyajit Biswas, who has also given a specific complaint. Those who have tried to kill the party would not be isolated, but they would not be allowed to lead the party anymore”.

“Kara jorito chilo antorghatey ta amra jani, tader chinnito karara chesta hobey, amra Mamata kachey anugato anyo kono Haridas paler kachey anugattyo prakasher icchha nei”, Dutta added further

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