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Partha Angry, Alleges TMCP Leaders Extorting Money

2015-11-05 23:27

Partha Chatterjee in Ranaghat Picture by ABHI GHOSH


Ranaghat, Nov. 5: State education minister Partha Chatterjee on Thursday has warned party leadership about a section of Trinamul Chatra Parishad activists who have been extorting money from the students using their political clout.
Chatterjee has asked the leadership to be careful enough about this section of TMCP activists who have been creating sheer embarrassment to the party.

He has advised the leadership to bring "fresh face" in the students’ organization so that "good" students are fascinated towards the organization.

Trinamul Congress insiders said that the education minister told this in Nadia's Ranaghat today while addressing a closed door meeting of party MLA and other elected representatives and block level leaders on the occasion of a Bijoya get-together.

Speaking on the occasion Chatterjee categorically said: "At a time when the state governments under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee trying revive the state and taking strong actions against corruption, the students wing leaders creating embarrassment. I have information that Students wing leaders and activists attached to many students union across tha state are involved in extorting money from innocent students. You have to be careful about these students leaders so that this practice is stopped"

"We have introduced online admission to colleges to avoid malpractices, despite many things are happening which are quite unwanted", Chatterjee said.

"Ami khabor pachchi chatra netara taka nichchey. Era dal o sarkarkey birambonay felchey", Partha said.

Asking the party leadership to control the students wing leaders, the education minister said : "This state government has come to power fighting in Nandigram. Tell the students leaders that we have not came to power by showing our strength in students union. Bring new faces to the students organisation so that the party is not embarrassed any more", he added.

Chatterjee has also expressed co concern about involvement of local miscreants into students organization.

" anek notun cheley sanghathaney astey chai, kintu local dada der upisthitur karoney bhalo chelera sangathaney aschey na, doley bhalo chele, notun chele anun", chatterjee told the leaders.

He, however, refused to make any comments when media persons asked him about his sudden outvurst and his concern over students wing  activists.

"For the 34 years The Students Federation of India incorporated a bad culture among the students. I have told the leadership to be careful enough so that our students do not catch SFI's disease", the education minister precisely said.

Party insiders in Nadia said, Chatterjee's concerned is not solely associated with Nadia, rather is is general observation for all students leadership across the state. However, a section of the leadership feel that Chatterjee's outburst in Nadia has special significance as it for the first time sacked TMCP run Kalyani University students union secretary Tanmay Acharya for Bhaktabala college " cash for seat" scam in Nadia"s Chapra.

To overcome the bad habits of extortion, Chatterjee has advised leadership ti organise regular workshop, a leader said.

TMCP NADIA President Ayan Dutta said: "I have heard that the education minister has expressed concern over role of a section of organization activists. We will follow his instructions and convey it to it other so that such malpractices could be avoided and the party and the state government are not embarrassed".

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