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Parents To Manage Traffic In Front Of Nadia Schools

2014-12-26 20:19

Guardians managing traffic on Krishnanagar-Karimpur road in Betai. Picture by SAURAV BHATTACHARJEE


Krishnanagar, Dec. 26: Parents of students of schools which are located on busy roads in different parts in Nadia would now take on roads to manage traffic to ensure safety to their wards from road accidents.

Following a number of accidents largely occurred due to errant driving that caused death of at least seven students during past ten months, the parents of the schools located on roads vulnerable to accidents have come up to control traffic movements on road in front of schools responding to appeals by police.

The initiative conceived by Nadia police administration, which has encourage the different school authorities to organize the parents to join ‘Sabujer Surakha’, a road safety programme for school children so that they come up to manage the traffic at least once in a month.

(Meanwhile, on Thursday Rukman Sheikh, 6, a student of class one died on the way to school being mowed by a lorry).

SP Nadia Arnab Ghosh, brain behind the programme, said: “We often observe road safety awareness and sensitize students. Nevertheless, we have felt the need of involvement of their parents. So we have sought help of the parents of all the schools children who go to schools located on busy roads like NH 34, state highways and other important roads”.

“To materialize the initiative the programme commenced at three schools located under Tehatta, Taherpur and Hanshkhali. By end of January all other schools vulnerable to accident due their location will be included to the programme”, SP said.

From Monday Rahima Begum, a homemaker from Plassey or Sanjay Santara, a jewelry shop owner from Betai and many other guardians like them of Vivekananda Academy in Betai, Khamargachi Shimulia high school in Taherpur and Badkulla United Academy in Hanshkhali have started managing traffic in front of these schools.

Rahima, whose son Isaar Iqbaal studies in Nursery section of Vivekanda Academy said: “On all the school days at least four guardians in two separate groups would manage traffic in front of the school separately for one hour in morning and afternoon. Most guardians have agreed to take this initiative to ensure safety of their wards”.

Sources said, embarrassed with repeated accidents and being failed to provide sufficient personnel to control errant traffic, Nadia police administration had approached the school authorities to organize the parents as part of their civic responsibility.

Superintendant of police Arnab Ghosh said: “We have observed that there are many roads in the district on which traffic move very fast and in a large numbers. Many schools are located on these roads. However, the drivers are not concerned about the students’ safety. We have often found them driving recklessly in front of these schools. We have booked many of them. But, it is nearly impossible to monitor movement of the traffic in all these roads. So we proposed to form a team with the parents. We have also decided to include representatives of bus and lorry owners association so that they also make their workers understand. School will provide atleast a non teaching staff. We will provide a civic police for each team who would help the parents to manage the road”.

“We are happy that the school authorities have responded well. we have conducted workshops in the schools to impart some basic knowledge managing traffic. Police officers in concerned areas will help the parents. The parents have been provided with green jackets with ‘Nadia Police’ scripted on it. They will be provided with the phone numbers of the officer in charge of the concerned police stations so that they could alert them if any driver violates their signals or dirve recklessly”, the SP added.

Nabyendu Ghosh, an assistant teacher of Vevekandana Academy in Betai said: “Road safety of the student is always as big concern to us as our school is located on busy Karimpur-Krishnanagar road. Such initiative would be very helpful to us and to parents also. Most of the parents have responded well”

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