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Panic After Bomb Blast In Ranaghat School

2015-02-26 21:06

The crowd at the school after the bomb blast. Picture by MANOJ BISWAS


Ranaghat; Feb. 26: Students of Anulia High school in Nadia’s Ranaghat had a narrow escape when a bomb, which was hurled by the unknown miscreants, went off on the school campus on Thursday afternoon.

The bomb was appeared to be hurled targeting class room of VII-B located on the first floor. However, it hit the outside wall of the head master’s room on the ground floor and went off with a deafening sound.

Head master Rajiv Niyogi was not at his chamber during the incident.

Police termed the blast as a handiwork of a group of miscreants who being peeved due to the ongoing crackdown had done it in retaliation to unleash panic among the local people.

The Ranaghat police have started an investigation into the matter on the basis of a complaint lodged by the school head master Rajiv Niyogi. However, no one could be arrested in this connection so far.

Locals and panicked guardians of the students rushed to the school hearing the blasting sound. The embarrassed school authorities had to call off classes after the incident.

According to sources, the incident occurred at about 11.45 Pm a little after the second period was started in most of the classes.

Mahadeb Paul, clerk of the school said: “I was outside in front of the head master’s room. I saw some thing lobbed from outside beyond the boundary wall. I though it was a stone, however, before I could realize anything I heard a deafening sound. It was a bomb which hit the outside wall of the head master’s chamber, little below the window of the VII-B class room”.

“It appears that the miscreant had tried to hurl the bomb targeting the window of the class room so that it could blast inside the classroom. However, it missed the target”, he added.

Indrajit Das, a teacher of the school who was taking Sanskrit class at VII-B said: “The students were panicked. They cried out hearing the deafening sound followed by a ball of smoke. The scared students stared running helter skelter. I immediately closed the windows and came down to know what happened”.

Priya Ghosh, Samir Biswas, both students of class VII B said: “We were scared about the blast and though that miscreants have attacked our school”.

SDPO Ranaghat Indrajit Basu, who rushed to the school after the incident, said: “We have started investigation into the matter. It is not clear why the bomb was hurled inside the school. However, it appeared that the local miscreants have done it. They are most probably trying to retaliate embarrassing the local police, which has started a crackdown against them. During the last few days, police have arrested some local miscreants and recovered some arms from the area. So the bomb attack may be a handiwork by them”.

School managing committee president Indrajit Das, a local Trinamul, said: “The Anulia area being located on the bordering area of Ranaghat town, has become a den of criminals. The miscreants often extort money from local traders and businessmen. Miscreants from other areas also gather in the area after evening. Police have recently started action against them. We have also told police that miscreants even enter the school premise crossing the boundary wall. Police for the past few days was making vigil on the school. It appeared that the miscreants have hurled bombs in retaliation of police action”.

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