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Pandal Ride For Special Children By Kalyani Puja Committee

2016-10-09 06:41

The children attached to Kalyani Life Institute at a Puja pandal Picture by Palash Sarkar


Kalyani, Oct. 8: For Sonsthita, Jyotirman, Saswata, Niladri and for thirty-one other special children, the Saturday turned to be a different day to them all. Thanks to the members of the Kalyani’s B-Block Dakshinanchal Durga puja committee, who made their day very special on the occasion of Mahasaptami. These children, who are the students of Kalyani Life Line, a school for special children, were taken for a special toto ride along with their parents to twenty puja pandals in Kalyani and Kanchrapara by the Dakshinanchal members. 
The day eventually turned to be very special when many puja organizers welcomed them to their puja pandals with gifts and chocolates followed by a special lunch by the Dakshinanchal puja committee at the their puja venue located on Congress road in the town. 
“I am really moved by the good gestures of the Dakshinanchal puja committee who arranged the rides for the children to whom every day is a new day to overcome the troubles of their challenged lives”, said Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay, a WBCS officer and secretary of Kalyani Life Line.

“At a time when a large portion of the society behaves quite indifferently to these special children often identifying them as ‘Pagol’, such initiative of the puja organizers would help to create an awareness in the society and also make it conducive for their living as well”, added Mukherjee, who is also father of 
Sudipta Ghosh, assistant secretary of Dakshinanchal said: “We wanted the children to interact with the other children of their age and persons like their parents so that they could understand each other. At the same time we wanted to convey a message to the society that these children are important parts of the society and they should be treated well”. 
The joy ride began at 12in the afternoon from the KLI campus on ten totos arranged for the purpose. The puja organizers escorted the children on ten motorbikes. 
The children took their first break at the Rathtala barowari followed by Bagmore barowari, Lichubagan barowari in Kanchrapara barowari and end their journey at the Dakshinanchal puja pandal in Kalyani at 3pm where they were welcomed with special lunch –Khicuri bhog with mixed vegetable curry, chatney, payesh and sweets. 
Susanta Chakraborty, an eastern rail employee who accompanied his mentally retarded son Saswata said: “This is a  unique experience to me. Generally I feel somber during the festive days as my son could not enjoy like other children. But, I am thankful to the Dakshinanchal puja committee and the KLI as they made this year’s puja a different one to both of us”. 
Biplab Halder, a building material supplier from Kalyani who also accompanied his autistic son Jyotirman (11) said: “Such initiative to by more organizations throughout the year would help the people to change their mindset about these special children as they are often abused and humiliated in lunatic”. 
Dakshinanchal assistant secretary Sudipta Ghosh said: “The KLI has been doing a great job. We just tried to provide them little support to bring smile to the children”. 
Set up in 2010 KLI is run by about 50 couples living in Nadia’s Kalyani and in its fringes who in a unique endeavor have developed the this first ever parents’ support group of Bengal and a school through sharing and uniting process to overcome the odds they have been facing with their children who have been suffering from autism, cerebral palsy and mental retardation.
Secretary Siddhartha Mukherjee, said: “The KLI is the name of a battle against autism, cerebral palsy and other disabilities. We have been trying to ‘educate’ our children so that they can survive with dignity. They will survive if the society comes up with a sincere understanding and the Government extends its cooperation with financial support”.

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