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Nuns Threatened Of Sexual Assault eight Days Ago

2015-03-15 07:13

Convent of Jesus and Mary in Ranaghat


Ranaghat, March 15: There was enough indication of a possible attack on the school, precisely on the Nuns in Ranaghat. The school authority had also alerted the police, but it was apparently ignored.

On March 6, eight days before the attack and brutality on the elderly nun at the Ranaghat convent, principal Sister Shanti had sought police assistance over an alleged threat to sexually assault her. However, the complaint was not pursued by investigators since then. Initially police provided assistance by sending a team to disperse youths threatening and abusing the authorities. This was disclosed by a section of officials of the school, who have also told it the CID team.

The police sources, however, claimed that there is so far no immediate evidence which can be linked to the March 7 incident with yesterday's rape.

Neverthelesss, in the hindsight, questions are being raised whether the assailants would have acted with such impunity had the police pursued the complaint with alacrity.

Insiders at the ranaghat convent feel that auch a proactive role would not have been an overreaction by the police, since the three nuns had little

Meanwhile, during the investigation it has emerged that the 74-year-old nun was dragged across as many as seven rooms as the assailants, who stolen Rs 7 lakh, tried to make her disclose where the cash was kept.

Police have detained eight people for interrogation till Sunday evening but none of their faces matches the with those visible on the CCTV footage. 

The Archbishop of Calcutta today referred to the perceived police response to the Principal’s complaint on March 7.

Archbishop Thomas D'Souza said in a statement in Kolkata: "There was a threat to her life received by the same principal, a week earlier to the incident. There was probably not enough follow-up by the police. Perhaps, it could have been stalled. So, we urge the police to be more alert when they get any hints about anything."

According to sources, on March 6, the father of a student who was expelled last month for uploading ‘obscene’ content about one his girl-classmates, was seen shouting near the main gate of the institution along with his associates.

"The principal was threatened with sexual assault," said a school source.

“She informed the SDPO, but he did not respond well. So she later informed the SDO both over the phone and in writing, saying the teachers and nuns were feeling insecure.

Sub divisional officer of Ranaghat Rajarshi Mitra, a IAS of 2013 batch, confirmed that he had received a complaint from the school on March 6 and a police team was sent to the institution to sort out the problem.

"It is true that the Principal called me up and sought police protection. After receiving her complaint over the phone, I took the initiative of sending policemen there. The policemen rushed there and dispersed the troublemakers," Mitra said .

Mitra, however, declined to discuss further. Please don't ask me anything more regarding the police intervention," he add.

The school authorities said they had lodged the written complaint with Gangnapur police station.

Sub-divisional police officer, Indrajit Bose, declined to comment on the matter.

Sources in the police station said the complaint was registered in the general diary book. "It was not treated as an FIR and no case was initiated," said an officer.

The investigating officers are now trying to find out  if there was any link with the threat incident.

“A team today sent to the house of the expelled student in Don Bosco Para. His father, who shouted and threatened the sisters, could not be contacted as he had left India for Saudi Arab on March 11 where he works”, said an officer.

SP Nadi Arnab Ghosh, however, spoke to the boy and his mother today.

""The Class IX student was expelled in the last week of February for uploading an obscene photograph of a classmate. The student had earlier been accused of the same offence last year and was allowed to continue in the school after he agreed to give an undertaking that it would not be repeated. The school authorities came to know of the February incident after the girl's father complained."

The boy was expelled, following which the father turned up at the school's office and sought a transfer certificate, which was given, sources said.

However, on March 5, the father returned to the school and demanded his son's ICSE registration certificate, which the principal could not give because of the Dol Jatra holiday.

Next day, the father returned with a group.

The student’s father demanded the registration certificate once again on that day, but it was a holiday too.

“The Principal advised him to come on a working day with a formal application. But the man refused to listen and insisted that the certificate be given on the very day. But, the principal refused to oblige him. This led an altercation, when she asked the security guards to show him the door”, said an insider of the school.

"The student’s father and his associates were later seen shouting and hurling abuses targeting the principal. They kicked on the main gate when they were denied entry. People in the locality heard the father threatening to assault the principal sexually," said the insider.

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