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Nadia School Seeks Students' Feedback On Teachers' Performance

2015-10-01 13:37

Kutipara Rural High School where the feedback system has been introduced in last month. Picture by SAURAV BHATTACHARJEE


Tehatta (Nadia), Oct.1: A high school management in Nadia’s Tehatta has introduced students’ feedback system asking them to submit their comments and complaints in a drop box about the performance of the teachers and other relevant academic matters including the quality of the mid day meal they are offered in the school every day.

Since the last week, the newly inducted managing committee of the Kutipara Rural High School in Tehatta that taken up charge two months ago, has put up the drop box outside the school’s office room inviting the students to submit freely anything about the teachers - their teaching ability, sincerity, punctuality, attendance as well as about the quality of food, maintenance cleanliness and unhygienic norms by the cooks while serving and preparing mid day meals for sake of overall development of the school.

The school authority has asked the students not to mention their names and other identity details in the complaint. Head master Palash Biswas executing the decision of the managing committee has told the students to drop their written complaints or suggestions in plain paper inside the box.

“We will review each of the complaints and suggestions carefully on every week in presence of the managing committee president and initiate necessary action”, said the head master.

In the first week the school has received three complaints on mid day meal and class duration.

The managing committee thinks that students’ opinion is very important for overall academic development of any institution which very often is ignored.

Managing committee president Prasanta Biswas, a Trinamul Congress leader and an elected member Tehatta-I panchayat samity, who is an electrical contractor by profession, said: “We have adopted this decision for development of the learning process in. As the examination systems evaluate the students, the performances of the teachers need to be assessed similarly to meet up their draw backs, if any. The students are the ideal ones who can do this as they regularly watch their activities, performance, attendance and the ability to solve their problems. This is not a policing on them, rather an effort to raise the overall academic standard of the school”.

In a meeting of the managing committee that held in August, the managing committee adopted the decision to put up the ‘drop box’ as a part of ‘reformative measures’ for the school.

President Prasanta Biswas said: “We have identified 17 like school infrastructure, academic standard, attendance of students and teachers, sports and cultural activities, sanitation, mid day meal and others where reformative measures are needed. For this students’ opinion is also very important”

The state government affiliated schools which runs on the regulations of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education has at present no such provision for ‘assessment’ of performance of the teachers. The students’ feedback system is available only in Universities for National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) ratings.

District inspector of schools, Nadia Mitali Dutta said: “There is no official provision for evaluation of performance of the teachers. However, a managing committee can internally do it on its own”.  

Many head masters in Nadia have welcomed the initiative. “I personally feel that there should be an assessment method of the teacher. The students’ feedback is a good idea as their opinion is quite valuable in helping the teachers to improve and refine their teaching”, a headmaster said.

Managing committee president Peasant Biswas said: “As a former student and as a father of a student my realization is that the teachers have generally become like professional footballers. They often forget that their job requires contributions beyond professional limitation. I have no ill feeling about the learned teachers of my school, but they should be more proactive in their duties and responsibilities”.

“We have received three complaints in the first week. It was about lack of cleanliness of the cooks of mid day meal. We have given the cooks soaps, cooking attire and asked them to be careful. About allegation of timely attendance of the teachers, we have introduced a movement register for the teachers”, he added.

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