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Nadia School Introduced Uniform For Teachers

2015-09-17 16:24

Teachers in uniform. Picture by SAURAV BHATTACHARJEE


Murutia (Nadia), Sept. 17: In a unique gesture to develop a sense of togetherness with the students, the teachers and non teaching staff of a high school in Nadia’s Murutia have started attending the school wearing the students’ uniform.

From last week, the 15 male teachers of Kechuadanga Bidhan Chandra Vidyaniketan and two non teaching staff have been attending school donning violet and white striped shirt and blue trousers. The six lady teachers have also been attending in similar attire – violet and white striped sari and blue blouse.

The teachers claimed that donning the students’ uniform has been done respecting the request of some students, who feel “isolated” from the teachers due to monotony of wearing school uniform.

“This is a very careful decision which all the teachers at this school have collectively taken as mark of our affection to the students. We have found that sometimes students feel isolated than us when they found us in different attire. So we decided to wear their uniform so that a sense of togetherness could develop between the teachers and the students”, said head master Uday Kumar Sihi.

However, there was demand from the students for uniform similar to them. Early this year some students jovially made this demand before the head master when a teacher admonished some students for not attending the school in uniform.

Sihi said: “A few months ago some students of class five and six during an interaction had jovially requested me to introduce uniform for the teachers, so that we could realize the monotony of wearing same dress every day. The words of the students struck my mind as I realized that the uniform has become a barrier between the students and the teachers, while we enjoy independence in choosing different dresses regularly, but the students are to mandatorily don the same dress regularly. I proposed my colleagues to consider attending the school wearing the students’ uniform.  They were kind enough to respond to my plan instantly. I also talked to the managing committee, who also given us the nod”.

However, implementation of the plan was scheduled for September 5.

“However, on that day many teachers and the lady teachers could not procure the dress of the required color. The male teachers had been attending school in the uniform from Thursday. However, they could not all get the blue trousers stitched, instead they wore denim jeans. The lady teachers would soon join us once their new saris are delivered”, the head master added.

The gesture of the teachers has made 1170 students of the school pleasantly surprised.

“We never expected that the teachers could attend the school wearing the same dress which we wear regularly. It now feels great see them in our uniform”, said Sayan Das Bairagi, a student of the school.

Haran Ghosh, an elderly teacher of the school said: “For psychological development of the students, it is quite necessary to pay respect to their thoughts also. Our simple philosophy to wear the students’ uniform is to convey a message to them that we are with you”.

Sampa Bose, a lady teacher of the school said: “I have never heard about any school in the state where teachers attend school wearing the students’ uniform.  I think we have become pioneer to introduce uniform for the teachers. As a woman, I always like wearing different colorful dress and saris on regular basis. Nevertheless, we all agreed to wear uniform for sake of the students considering the importance of a bond and togetherness with them”.

District inspector of schools in Nadia, Mitali Dutta said: "I have not heard about introduction of uniform by the Murutia based high school. I will inquire into the matter. I have never heard earlier about any such uniform for the school teachers in our state. As far as I know there is no such provision in our regulation for introduction of uniform for the teachers. However, if a school on own initiative introduce such uniform for the teachers without any objection and controversy, we have then no problem. It is an internal matter of the concerned school's teachers and managing committee". 

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