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Nadia Police Constable And Wife Killed At Home By Miscreants

2015-06-25 19:00

Killed couple - Roma Prasad and his wife


Krishnanagar, June 24: A police constable attached to the ‘source organizing’ (SOG) cell of Nadia police superintendent’s office and his wife were killed at his home in Krishnanagar  by unidentified miscreants, apparently while trying to resist a robbery, during the early hours of Wednesday morning. The miscreants had allegedly raped her wife before trying to kill her. However, they spared couple’s 15 year old son, who was sleeping alone in a separate room on the top floor of the two storied residence.

Victim Rama Prosad Chanda (50) was allegedly involved in ‘money lending’ business and owned at least two well decorated residential building including one in Rajarhat. He was also once engaged to the security team of former chief minister Jyoti Basu. His wife Jayanti Chanda (46), who was sleeping in an adjacent room, was critically injured and succumbed to the injuries at a private hospital later in the afternoon in Krishnanagar.

Police said, the miscreants hacked Ramaprosad and her wife Jayanti by sharp weapon before leaving the spot. However, most surprisingly the miscreants did not take away the major part of the cash and booty as the police in afternoon found a cash amount of Rupees 15.60 lakh remained untouched.

The bizarre incident occurred on the first floor of his two storied house at Palpara more adjacent to NH 34 on the outskirt of Krishnanagar town.

The doctors suspected that she was raped and even tried her to hack with sharp weapon when she tried to raise an alarm.

As the local police remained clueless about the motive behind the murders, the state government late in the afternoon asked the CID to take up the investigation of the case

IG CID Sanjoy Singh visited the spot along with IG south Bengal Ajay Ranade and DIG (Murshidabad) Kallol Ganai.

The neighbors alerted by the son of the couple, Radra, a student of class ten, broke open door to enter the house and took them to Saktinagar district hospital at around 5 in the morning, where the constable was declared brought dead.

His wife was later admitted to the ICU and fighting for life at present.

The robbery and the murder of the constable meanwhile has rattled the district police administration as a battery of senior police officers including IG south Bengal Ajay Mukund Ranade, DIG-Murshidabad range Kallol Ganai rushed to the spot of the crime accompanied by SP Bharatlal Meena and initiated investigation.

The sleuths also pressed two sniffer dogs into investigation. However, the police are yet to get any breakthrough into the incident.

The DIG, refused to comment on the incident in details. Speaking to the media persons he said: “We have started investigation into the incident. It would be too early to comment about the findings of the investigation. We are hopeful to solve the mystery behind the incident soon”.

“The motive is not clear yet. We are trying to explore all the possible aspects and also examining the statement of the victim’s family members”, a police officer said.

The sleuths are seriously examining the money lending business of the constable.

“We have come to know that the constable had lavish life style and a money lending business. He belonged to well to do family, but the source of his income is being scanned. We came to know that he had an amount of about Rupees 25 lakhs was pending for recovery. We are examining if this has any relation behind the attack”, the officer said,.

The sleuths have also come to know that Rama had a soured first marriage with a daughter, who was now married. He later married Jayanti around 20 years ago. The strained relation with her first wife is also being looked into.

The sleuths, however, have been largely banking on the statement of Jayanti on all these issues who is only witness of the ghastly incident.

“We have been monitoring her condition in hospital. At present her condition is very critical as she has been allegedly raped and suffered multiple injuries of sharp weapon. Her statement is very crucial in this case”, the officer said.

Police said, a gang of at least four miscreants scaled up to reach the first floor holding grilled corridor and then unscrewed the nuts of the grill gate of the second floor to enter the bed rooms of the victims.

A neighbor said: “Early in the morning I received a call on mobile from Rudra. He told that robbers attacked their house and asked me to come fast. I along with some neighbors immediately rushed their home. But, found the entrance in the ground floor is locked. We broke open the door and went on the first floor where we found Ramada in pool of blood. The room was ransacked with steel almirahs were open. We also had seen some empty boxes of ornaments lying on the floor. His wife was found in a similar state in the adjacent room. Her room was also ransacked. We called the police and with the help of police we took the couple to Saktinagar district hospital”

Couple’s son Rudra, said: “I woke up to a call on my cell by mother early in the morning. She asked me if I am alright. She was crying in shivering voice. I asked her what happened. She told me that robbers attacked my father. I tried to rush down to first floor, but realized that the door is bolted from outside. I first called my of our neighbors as well as colleagues of my father before broke open the door. After coming down, I found my father lying in a pool of blood and mother too in a seriously injured state”.

Meanwhile, Rama Prosad’s daughter from first marriage, Ronita Gomes, who was married in Calcutta, refused to comment on the incident

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