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Nadia Homemaker Confined At Home After Threat Of Acid Attack By Molester

2016-12-11 19:59

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Kalyani, Dec. 11: A 24 year old home maker has kept herself confined in her home in Nadia’s Santipur for about last six months being afraid of attack by a youth who has been molesting her at regular intervals and threatening of acid attack as well unless she agrees to his indecent proposal. The police never bother to arrest the youth despite two complaints by the woman until directed by the ACJM Ranaghat following a court FIR by the woman.

The accused , however, nevertheless, granted bail and become so  desperate that he again attacked the woman making her panickestricken.

The woman, who does not dare to venture out of home in fear has also sent her four year old son to a orphan school of a religious organization as the youth has threatened to kidnap him.

Nevertheless, the police so far did not bother to take any action again.

The accused Hasan Dafadar (28), a contractual postal worker, who earlier had severely beaten up her entering her home and had even tried to rape her, has this time threatened her of dire consequences for lodging complaints.

The woman said: “The youth would not have become so desperate if police arrested him earlier. But it never took my complaints seriously and started case against him. On October when I went to lodge my third complaints, the  officer on duty at the police station told me that it is not his duty to ensure my security every time. I was dejected and returned home and living  a in confinement in fear. Earlier i lodged two complaints during June and August. But, police did not start FIR".

Finding no way the woman in last week lodged a Court FIR under section 156 (3) of Cr PC appealing the ACJM Ranaghat to direct the police to take cognizance of the fact and to start case against the youth under section 354 (outranging modesty), 448 (house trespassing) and 509 (indecent gesture intended to outrage modesty) of IPC.

Woman's lawyer Hirak jyoti Dhar said:"The court directed the Santipur police to start case immediately."

Police eventually had to act this time and arrested accused Hasan, but he was granted bail.

OC Santipur Parthapratim Roy said: "We have arrested the youth and submitted charge sheet against him. But he was granted bail". The OC , however, did not speak on why no case was started earlier on the basis of complaints by the woman.

Woman's lawyer Hirak Jyoti Dhar said: "Police was never interested to help the woman. It's inaction in other way indulged the youth to become desperate. Now again the police become inactive as the accused has started threatening and attacking the woman even after granted bail".

Sub divisional police officer of Ranaghat Indrajit Basu said: “I am not aware of any such complaint. I would, however, inquire about the allegations and take action as per law. If the accused youth intimidate the victim, we would made a prayer before the court to cancel his bail to ensure safety of the woman".

Trouble broke out for the woman two years ago since he returned to her paternal home in Santipur after a three years stay in Calcutta where she lived with her milk supplier husband.

“We lived in Calcutta in a rented house. But, my husband gradually stopped coming to house. He stopped taking care of me and my child. Eventually I was compelled to return to my paternal home near Kalna ghat in Santipur"., she said.

During this time accused Hasan, who is known to the woman being a close friend of her husband, tried to develop  proximity to her.

“As my husband’s friend I knew the youth for long. But, he tried to take the opportunity of the situation and started irritating me with indecent proposal. I never responded to his proposal", said the woman.

“Hasan started threatening me to elope and rape me unless I agree to her proposal. But as I remained determined not to agree to her proposal, he started molesting me almost at regular intervals. At least on three occasions he entered my paternal home and tried to rape me. One day he broke opened our impoverished toilet and tried to rape me while I was taking bath. Whenever I tried to go out of home for any need, he followed me and had even molested on the road in public. In last week, I dared to go to an ATM, but he started pulling my hand", she said.

“But this has become unbearable as I have been forced to confined myself inside home in fear. I have forced to send my son to a free boarding school run by a religious body. I need to earn money for him. But, panic gripped me of attack and molestation. I want to get rid of this fear. But police not cooperating”, the woman added.

Hasan, however, refuted the allegation. “She is trying to implicate me with false allegation”, he said.

Woman's lawyer Hirak Jyoti Dhar said: "I would file a prayer on Wednesday to call a action taken report by police. At the same time file petition for cancellation of bail of Hasan".

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