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Nadia Fishermen Trap Crocodile In Jalangi

2016-11-06 21:29

The crocodile in Jalangi

The crocodile kept on dry land

The fishermen in Gopalnagar in Tehatta got a surprise catch in their fishing net on Saturday evening while fishing in the river Jalangi. While pulling the net they felt a heavy weight expecting big catch of fish. But, to their horror it turned to be two  crocodiles. However, one managed to escape while the other, four and half ft animal was remained trapped inside the fishing net. The brave fishermen managed to control the angry reptile tying it with a rope entangling around its neck. It was then dragged to an adjacent pond where they kept it and informed the Divisional foresh office in Krishnanagar. Forest officials later took it to Bethuadahari foresh. An official of fores department said: "The crocodile was injured being trapped in the fishing net. It has been kept under medical observation and will be released in river after once recuperated".

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