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Nadia Club Wants Place To Install Mamata's Model In Kolkata

2016-10-14 13:37

Fiber glass model of chief minister Mamata Banerjee as new incarnation of Goddess Durga. Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH


Chakdaha, Oct. 14: A club in Nadia’s Chakdaha which made chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s life size fiber glass replica projecting her initiatives for development as its Durga puja theme, has requested the Trinamul Congress leadership to install the artistic creation  for public view at any prominent place in Kolkata.

If no prominent place could be available, the club has urged the Trinamul Congress leadership to keep the chief minister’s model at least at the “Trinamul Bhawan” premise, the ruling party’s head office in Kolkata.

The officials of the “Prantik”, which organized the puja in Lalpur area of Chakdaha town has made this request to the state Trinamul Congress leadership through Trinamul’s Chakdaha MLA Ratna Ghosh.

The model made by national award winning artisan Subir Pal (46) of Krishnanagar has project chief minister Mamata Banerjee as an incarnation of Goddess Durga with ten hands each of symbolizes manifestation of development in the state.

In the 5 ft 6 inch fiber glass model affixed against 12 ft x 11.6 ft plywood board, the chief minister has been shown welcoming you in folded hands standing against a map of West Bengal - the land of development, while her other hands drawing attention to her flagship initiatives like Kanyashree, Yuvashree, Sabuj sathi, Nirmal Bangla, Biswabangla and others that symbolize her development spree.

The model was inaugurated by state technical education minister Asima Patra and local Trinamul MLA Ratna Ghosh in presence of Trinamul’s Nadia president Gourisankar Dutta, had drawn huge crowd even during the four puja days that forced the organizers to differ the immersion and dismantling the pandal till Friday evening. The attendance of huge crowd to see the model made some neighboring puja organizing club so envious that members of a club attacked some Prantik Members of the night of Ashtami that forced the organizers to close the pandal in protest. The pandal was opened next day after local party leaders assured to take action.

“We projected our chief minister as the deity of development comparing her as Dasha bhuja Maa Durga. However, we arranged a small clay model of Goddess Durga to offer our puja as per the rituals, which will be immersed on Friday night. But, we are anxious about how to keep the model of the chief minister Mamata Banerjee after dismantling the pandal”, said Prantik secretary Soumitra Bhattacharjee, a civil contractor by profession.

“Since we ordered the model in Krishnanagar, we were concerned about the future of the model after the puja is over. We talked to our members who want to see this unique piece of art installed in any prominent place inCalcutta. During the puja we also conducted a random survey among the pandal hoppers and most of them said they would happy to see this model at any street junction in Kolkata or any other prominent place in the city for public view”, Bhattacharjee added.

On Nabami (Monday), the club members requested Chakdaha MLA Ratna Ghosh to persuade the Trinamul leadership so that it agrees to accept the model for public view in Kolkata.

“We have requested Ratnadi to take up matter with the Trinamul leadership in Kolkata so this art fact gets proper vies and preservation as well. We told them that if a prominent place could not be find out for the model, we would be happy to see it at the Trinamul Bhawan in Kolkata. We have also requested Trinamul’s Nadia president Gourisankardaon the issue similarly. Both of them have assured us to do their best to materialize our wish”, said Secretary Soumitra Bhattacharjee.

Artisan Subir Pal of Krishnanagar who made the model is also in favor of preserving the model in Calcutta. “It is my creation and I would always prefer its wide viewing. The initiative of our chief minister should be a role model to people of other states and they should know this and this is possible if the model finds a place in Calcutta”, Pal said.

Chakdaha MLA Ratna Ghosh said: “The club members requested me to talk to the leadership. I have informed the leadership about the request. Nothing has so far been decided on the issue. However, personally I would prefer to keep it in Chakdaha itself. It is a piece of art and we can preserve it properly giving a prominent place for public viewing if the club members agree”.

“I have also talked to Chakdaha Panchayat samity authority on the issue who have also agreed to give a place for the model at its office premise on Bangaon road. However, it is the club members to decide ultimately”, she added.

Trinamul’s Nadia president Gourisankar Dutta echoed MLA Ratna Ghosh.

“Club secretary Soumitra Bhattacharjee requested me to talk to party leadership, which could not be possible so far. However, I have categorically told him to keep the model in Nadia. It is an asset of district and should be preserved here. I would love to see the model installed in Chakdaha or a prominent place in Krishnanagar if the club members agree”, Dutta said.

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