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Nadia Admin To Provide Boundary Walls For Schools Near HN 34

2015-07-27 19:24

A school on NH 34 in Dhubulia Picture by PRANAB DEBNATH


Krishnanagar, July 27: Prompted by recent report released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) on road accidents which indicates that stretches of busy roads near schools and colleges are most vulnerable to accidents, the Nadia district administration in a bid to ensure safety for the students, has taken up a project to provide boundary walls around the schools located adjacent to NH-34 which have open campuses.

While the NCRB report worked as an eye opener, death of about 12 students on busy roads in the past one year across the district have literally compelled the Nadia administration to take up the project.

The district officials think that the students studying in these schools are at high risk as they often come out carelessly on the road without any restriction.

To ensure further safety measures, the district administration would also provide security fencing around the ponds and wells inside the school campus and at the same time would take up awareness programme on road safety for the students.

District magistrate Vijay Bharati, who joined Nadia last month, is the brain behind this project, told this on Sunday.

Bhrarati said: “The NCRB report of 2014 has definitely has inspired us. But, it is not just this report, rather the vulnerable locations of the schools on NH34 which I witnessed while travelling from Krishnanagar to Plassey has actually inspired me to take up the project. I was shocked to see how students are roaming on busy crowded stretches of NH34 in Bethuadahari town. They could become victim of reckless driving or drunken driving at any time. So it is our duty to ensure safety and protection to the students”.

“The situation is quite similar in Krishnanagar-Karimpur state highway, where also many schools are located without any boundary wall”, he added.

“The numbers of accidents in Nadia are very concerning. The As per NCRB report, in 2014 around 10% of the fatal accidents occurred on roads near to schools. Many students also died in these accidents. The issue is so serious that Prime Minister Narendra Modi-ji, also spoken on it in his ‘Mann ki Baat’ programme on Sunday”, said the DM.

On Sunday Prime minister said in ‘Mann Ki Baat”: “One is shocked to see the statistics of road accident in country, every 4 minutes a person dies in road accident.”

Nadia police in December last year started a pilot programme titled ‘Sobujer Suraksha” to ensure road safety for the students in front of the schools in Tehatta, involving the guardians to manage traffic by them during school hours. However, the project was not implemented in other schools.

Many teachers think that the new initiative of the administration will come as a big relief to the parents.

“Guardians often complain us about our failure to restrict the students inside class rooms. But monitoring the activities of students never possible in absence of a boundary wall”, a head master of a Bethuadahari based school said.

Instructed by the district magistrate, the officials have been preparing a comprehensive report identifying the school having no boundary walls.

To begin with the project will be implemented in 50-km stretch of NH-34 from Krishnanagar to Plassey.

“The identification of the vulnerable schools on NH-34 has been started. I have primary information that there are around 40 schools located on the stretch, of which some located in busy crowded stretches. The administration will also talk to the school managements. If everything goes as per plan, the construction work will be commenced from next month”, the DM said.

Sources claimed that district administration is trying to involve the NH authorities as a social initiative.

“We have requested the NH authorities and hopeful that they would join the initiative for sake of the student. We will use available funds of the district administration. Our aim is to use low cost technology and materials like fly ash bricks”, the DM said.

Sources said, during an administrative meeting the DM expressed concern over the number of road accidents in the district. “He also pointed out the findings of the NCRB report”, an official said.

As per the NCRB report 16 persons died at every hour in road accidents across the country in last year. The report said a total of 1, 41,526 persons died in accidents in 2014, which is 2.9% higher than 2013. 27.5% of these victims died on accidents on NH, followed by 25.2% on state highways.

Bengal ranked fifth with 11.4% in the category of most fatal accidents occurred on expressways.

Of the most fatal accidents around 10% occurred at places near schools or colleges, report said. 

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