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Nadia Admin Sealed Sarif BEd College For Probe On Corruption

2015-05-26 23:59

ADM Utpal Bhadra and SDO Krishnanagar Maitrayee Ganguly coming out from Sarif B Ed college after inspection. Picture by ABHI GHOSH


Krishnanagar, May 26: In the wake of allegations of forcing the students to pay excess money and beating them by confining inside college, the Nadia district administration on Tuesday sealed the Baliadanga Sarif B Ed College in Santipur and ordered an administrative probe against its owner Sarif Ali Mandal. As the college will be kept sealed for an indefinite period under police surveillance until the investigation is over, the district administration would request the KalyaniUniversity authorities to arrange for final examination for the students which is scheduled to be commenced by the end of next month.

The college was sealed by police in presence of additional district magistrate (General) Utpal Bhadra and SDO-Krisnnanagar (Sadar) Maitrayee Ganguly after president of the college’s managing committee Tuzam Ali Mandal failed to give convincing explanation to the queries by administrative officials on the allegations.

ADM (G) Utpal Bhadra said: “If the probe confirms that college forced students to pay excess money we would request KalyaniUniversity to cancel its affiliation”

This is for the first time any district administration taken such action against any private teachers training institution since allegations of taking excess money surfaced up.

Police has, meanwhile, detained Tuzam Ali Mandal for interrogation, elderly president of college, who is also father of accused owner Sarif Ali Mandal. Sarif, however, did not turn up at the college to face the police and administrative officials despite a prior intimation.

On the first week of May thirty student of the college lodged complaint against Sarif to SDO Ranaghat Rajarshi Maitra accusing him of charging money under different heads in excess of the course fee. On May 15, students lodged complaint against Sarif at Santipur police station for threat. In retaliation, on May 22 Sarif allegedly beaten up the students with help of local miscreants confining them inside the college campus. On May 24 he was arrested on the basis of a complaint by the students, but later released on bail.

On May 22 after the assault, the students met ADM (G) Utpal Bhadra and appealed for ensuring their security and to request the KalyaniUniversity authorities for arranging their examination directly as they do not further want to go the college. The students also met KalyaniUniversity vice chancellor professor Rattanlal Hangloo for arranging direct examination under supervision of the University.

The ADM assured the students to visit the college to find a solution.

Accordingly on Tuesday morning, the ADM led a team of district administration to the college to talk with its management. Students followed the officials to the college.

However, owner cum Secretary Sarif Ali Mandal was not present there. Elderly president Tuzam Ali Mandal appeared before the team, but failed to provide any information.

“We went to the college for an on spot investigation. But we found none from college management capable enough to reply our queries. One elderly representative was present there, but he has failed to provide anything. He said that his son Sarif Mandal handles everything. But, Sarif appears to be absconding. So considering the pending complaints, we sealed the college for sake of investigation. It might create little problem to the students as a small part of their course curriculum (practical teaching) is still incomplete. We would talk to the KalyaniUniversity authorities so that any special arrangement could be made for them. We would also request the university to arrange final examination of these students under its direct supervision”.

Later the administrative team examined the college infrastructure and also collected some evidences in connection with allegations of students.

ADM (G) Utpal Bhadra said: “We recovered some evidences like torn and mutilated attendance register of students, which apparently damaged to make the students absent to siphon money and some other documents. We have also got some video footage in which a person demanding money from students. We have told police to examination authenticity of the footage and to investigate the allegations”.

“If the investigation proved that college illegally taken excess money, we would request the KalyaniUniversity to cancel the affiliation of the college”, ADM said.

Students have welcomed the administrative initiative. Sangita Biswas, a student said: “We are happy that ADM has taken such action. We are, however, concerned as our final teaching is yet to be done. ADM has assured to talk to vice chancellor so that it could be arranged separately along with our final examination”.

VC professor Hangloo was not available for comment. However, an officer of controller of examination cell said: “Arranging examination under our direct supervision is possible at separate venue; however, the matter could only be finalized once the request from the district administration is received”.

Meanwhile, college owner Sarif Mandal was not available for comment as he did not take calls and text message remained unanswered.  

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