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Mysterious Fire Gutted Trinamul's Poll Office In Kalyani

2015-04-11 16:43

The gutted tent adjacent to TMC office in Kalyani. Picture by PALASH SARKAR


Kalyani, April 11: A temporary poll office of Trinamul Congress was gutted in a mysterious fire in Kalyani during the early hours of Saturday morning prompting the ruling party to blame the BJP for having a role behind the fire.

Trinamul has further alleged that the miscreants having proximity with the BJP had also set five houses on fire owned by party activists at the same time in a bid to unleash terror before the ensuing municipal poll in the town.

The party has lodged complaint against three suspects - which include a BJP candidate fighting from Ward-20 in the town.

The tarpaulin tent of Trinamul Congress made on bamboo structure that was erected adjacent to the party’s town committee office in B block was completely gutted in the fire before a fire tender could reach the spot. On the other hand, alert party activists doused the fire at their house before it could do any major damage.

The incident occurred at about 3.30Am on Saturday morning at Jamtala area, located within 150-meters of Kalyani police station.

Kiran Prasad, a homemaker first witnessed the fire. She alerted the neighbors who informed the police first. The Police called the fire brigade. A fire tender reached the spot at 3.45 Am.

A fire officer said: “The tarpaulin was made of plastic and gutted fast before our arrival. We doused the flame to prevent it from spreading further. It appeared the fire set in from outside. Some electric fan, lights were damaged in the fire. The fire set at some private houses was doused by the owners. However, we visited the spots”.

Shyamal Ghosh, a Trinamul activist, whose house was set on fire said: “At about 3.25 I wake up after balls of smoke engulf my house. I seen fire a part of the bamboo shaft wall is burning. I doused the fire with the help of other members of my family”

The incident created tension in Kalyani town as the Trinamul leadership lodged a complaint with Kalyani police accusing three BJP activists including party candidate Sajal De, who is fighting the municipal election in the town from Ward 20.

Till the report last came in no person could be arrested till report last came in as the three accused went absconding.

Superintendant of police, Nadia Arnab Ghosh said: “We have received a complaint and started investigation into the matter. All the aspects are being looked into to find out the culprits”.

Kalyani town Trinamul Congress president Arup Mukherjee said: “The BJP has recently inducted some notorious criminals into the party. It has also nominated one of them – Sajal De, as party candidate for the municipal poll. He has become desperate to win the election and already unleashed terror. In last week he opened fire to some of our party activists in Rathtala area. We lodged complaint, but police so far could not arrest him. We were apprehending such attack. He has also brought his aides from adjacent district and we strongly suspect they were involved in setting fire to our party office and residences of our five activists last night”.

Meanwhile, the BJP’s Kalyani town committee president Nirmal Biswas has refuted the allegation. He said: “None of BJP activists has any role behind the fire at the Trinamul office. The Trinamul leadership has been deliberately trying to implicate our activist. The fire at their party office is actually outcome of their internal bickering. It is the Trinamul which actually unleashed terror in Kalyani, Gayeshpur and adjacent areas which has created concern for security to our candidates and activists”.

Accused Sajal De, however, was not available for his comment as his mobile phones were found switched off.

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